Day 357: Loopi and Vinnie – A love story… of sorts.

Loopi and Vinnie – A love story… of sorts.
Matt Zurbo


Loopi had an owl,
she flew like a kite.

Up and down, all across town,
throughout the darkest night.

It embraced the moon, all its light,
reflected from the sun.

That silver hue, that gave views,
of a place most people shun.

One night Loopi met a boy,
with a toy car made of tin,

Oh, Vinnie gave his all,
when he built that silly thing!

“It’s powered by my darker thoughts,”
he told her by the graveyard tree.

“I find I think too much,
have little faith in humanity.”

“Better to roam the night,
in my amazing compact car,

looking for some peace and quiet,
found in searching near and far.”

“But searching for what?” asked Loopi,
as her owl flew overhead.

“Nothing. Anything,” Vinnie replied.
“Anything…?” Loopi thoughtfully said.

To search for the unnameable,
seemed the sweetest task.

“Can I join you on your quest?”
Loopi politely asked.

The odd girl and quiet boy,
in turn looked high and low.

Discovered the Milky Way, trolls,
and many strange things below.
(Double page. Boy and girl in tin car, owl on string, on a plain with Milky Way above, constellations of a dragon, and a wombat, and a fish, trolls roaming, skeletons of humans and dinosaurs carrying lanterns, moving underground.)

Soon, at the water’s edge,
Vinnie sawed, battered and clunked,

his poor little tin car,
into a boat that could not be sunk.

They swirled around a whirlpool,
until both were lost.

Met a storm god out at sea,
and other unusual stuff.

Then, when the ocean was still,
reflecting the universe,

“Tell me, tell me, true,
about your mystery,
your owl,”

Vinnie asked, in lovely verse.

“It’s forever looking,” Loopi said.
“For a place I feel at home.

As soon as said place is found,
I’ll free it to once more roam.”

Passing through a giant’s graveyard,
towards the rib cage of a dead whale,
(Boat passing on still waters, past standing giant’s skeletons, Viking armour or farmer’s tools still hanging off/around them.)

Vinnie briefly felt content,
which made his tin car start to fail.

“A girl who likes to roam,
and look for what she doesn’t know?
A place,
an idea,
where her heart may take root and grow?”

The thoughts bounced through his head,
calming him an awful lot!

While Loopi also had ideas
brewing like a pot.

“A boy forever searching,
that search itself could be a home.

A life of exploring,
for and of the great unknown.”

Suddenly the small tin boat,
stopped moving at all.

The owl broke its line,
heading, alone, over the sea wall.

Stranded, content, confused,
Vinnie and Loopi grew food in pots,

they then hung from whale ribs,
and set up home on that spot.

Water from the rain,
caught in tubs, caught in vases,

fish and vegetables,
and they were half sorted.

Rising on the tides,
bracing for each storm,

befriending those that passed –
mighty explorers, the forlorn.

Mostly forgotten, weirdly content,
Loopi and Vinnie became legends of the sea.

Not a bad thing at all,
for romantics to be.


The End

2 thoughts on “Day 357: Loopi and Vinnie – A love story… of sorts.

  1. Dear Matt,
    I do hope that you will not stop with number 365, but will go on and on for a long, long time.
    Best regards,
    From India

    Liked by 1 person

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