Day 360: With You

With You
Matt Zurbo


These are the moments I’d like to be stuck in time with you.
(Two kids, one helping other lower down a small drop of some sort.)

As you’re sighing. You have a great sigh.

Eating an icy pole.

Pulling faces.

Describing monsters.


While watching a movie outdoors.
At an old drive-in,
from a projector,
on a roof…
I don’t care which.

As long as there’s stars involved.

I’d like to be stuck in time with you while we told stories around a fire.

Or were falling…
Or having too much fun to know which was which!
(Kids in bathers, in mid flight, arms and legs everywhere, an old jetty just visible behind them.)

To just be forever in that moment without weight.

I’d like to be stuck in time with you while imagining stuff…
(One kid riding half buried tires with bucket on end of thick branch, as if it was a dragon. Bucket has teeth painted on it. Other kid with stick and bin lid/shield.)

(Kids having tea party with living dolls and a wombat.)

(Kids in space suits, drifting in space.)

Even obvious stuff…
(Both kids flying in the midst of tree trunks flooded with rays of sunlight.)

Like talking with fairies…
(Kids sitting lazily back-to-back on tree branch, surrounded and lit by fairies.)

Or the creatures from under our beds.
(Two kids, with night light, lazing in beds, casually talking to creatures who’s arm are behind their heads, or lying, head propped in palm. One staring out window at the stars.)

How about while doing things we shouldn’t?
(Two kids in wrestling costumes, having a ball, laughing, as they pillow fight, feathers everywhere.)

Or racing leaves…?
(Both kids barracking, cheering as leaves drift in the gutter, or stream of water.)

Or laughing at something stupid?
(Both kids rolling on ground, laughing.)

Or doing nothing… in the best way, of course!

As long as you’re there, and I’m there.

Yeah, why not?

Let time stop.



The End

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