Bonus 1: Juggling Feathers

Hi to readers of Cielo old and new! As promised, while I work on bigger things, once every week or so I’m going to write a new story. For the fun of it, for a love of imagination. I hope you enjoy…

Juggling Feathers
Matt Zurbo

If I could I’d juggle ideas.

Under a tree, where nobody sees or hears.

If I could I’d juggle dreams.

Leave them up there,
hanging on the breeze.
Let them fall, and burst open,

scuttling, boasting, inspiring –
imagination everywhere!

Drifting over the ocean.

If I could I’d juggle an octopus, one tentacle after another,

while its free limbs rolled out, embracing,

providing cover.

If I could I’d juggle my life,
mix it,
put everything up there.

All my victories and strife,

my fears, all my cares.

Imagine that!
The good,

the bad,

the doubts,

the glad.

And when my hand slipped, or timing was off,

You could watch it all tumble,

landing hard,

landing soft.

I’d gather the pieces, and go again,

scruffed-up, free,

wonderfully insane.

If I could I’d let a bunyip

juggle you and I,
laughing, free,

high in the sky.

Then, if it could, juggle a dragon and mermaid, too.

All these wonderful, strange creatures,
just for me and you.

Each one waving;

If I could I’d juggle feathers,

and maybe 1.000 petals,

do it with whispers,

and steam from old kettles.

If I could, I’d put one arm around your waist,

as you would me,

and together, with our free hands,

we’d juggle all we could see.

The End

5 thoughts on “Bonus 1: Juggling Feathers

  1. Thank you!
    It’s such a nice way to put it, that love is full of an arm-in-arm moments, leaving two hands free to juggle what life tosses toward us.
    Much more pleasant than “love is a battlefield.”

    Liked by 1 person

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