Bonus 28: Fairies In My Backpack

Fairies In My Backpack
Matt Zurbo

(A small, shy girl sits alone on the back of the school bus with other kids laugh and talk to each other.)

If I had fairies in my backpack
would you talk to me?

We could let them out,
play like they play,
see the way they see.

If there was a hippopotamus in my pool,
would you visit me?

We could laugh and splash,
fool around,
being free.

If my desk had wings,
would you fly with me?

Up in the air, not a care,
with eagles, crows and bees.

If I knew crocodiles that could dance,
could you, would you please join in?

We’d do the flop, the boogaloo,
and flip, hop and spin!

If I could see your family tree,
there, growing from your head,

could we hear tall stories
from Vikings, farmers,
cousin Fred?

If I was not so shy,
could I share your book with you?

We’d read with delight,
surprise and fright,
about tales tall and true.

If I was friends with the moon,
would you visit, sleep over?

Talk, dream and wonder,
watching stars go super nova!

If, one day, we admitted,
we’d all like to see the world this way,
(Three kids from bus standing, looking at main character, their own fantasy creature/imaginary friend poking out from behind them. Main character surrounded by fairies from her backpack.)

no one would need feel alone,
we’d laugh and leap and play…
(Other kids happily interacting with main character.)

The End

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