Bonus 30: Unicorns Aren’t Real

Unicorns Aren’t Real
Matt Zurbo

It’s probably true. Mermaids don’t exist.
(A little girl standing in front of a bath, but looking at 4th wall)

But what if they do…?
(Little girl startled as mermaid appears in bath behind her, surrounded by small, cute squid, crabs and starfish)

I doubt there are really giants…
But what if there are…?
(Startled again, as she bumps into giant’s leg)

Odds are, gorillas don’t have wings.
(Girl sitting, reading gorilla book)

But imagine if they did…!
(Two gorillas with wings flying over her, reading book they have snatched. She is jumping, trying to get it back.)

Imagine we all had wings!
(Lots of kids and animals with wings in the air, including girl, who is reading book to flying gorillas. Dog with wings chasing cat with wings, etc…)

I don’t think angels live in suitcases.
But you never know…!
(Angel poking head out from suitcase, as she awkwardly climbs out, with tilted halo, etc…)

Nobody has octopuses for friends.
At least I think…
(Girl walking down street, surrounded by octopus in mop bucket, using mop to propel itself forward, octopus in fishbowl, using stilts to walk, octopus stressed, clinging to pogo stick, Octopus with water helmet on penny farthing bike, etc…)

Most likely, unicorns aren’t a real thing.
(Girl holding flowers, looking at 4th wall)

(Unicorn eating flowers, startled girl still has stems in hand)

It’s a fact, robots can’t think for themselves.
(Girl, holding skateboard, looking at lifeless, intimidating robot as she walks past it.)

But what if…?
(Girl, laughing, off balance, on shoulders of robot, who is off balance, one foot on the moving skateboard, the other in the air)

I don’t think there are any sea gods.
But imagine I was wrong…?
(Girl, mermaid and crab sitting at underwater table with Poseidon.)

Don’t be silly, crows can’t talk!
(Crow either side of girl, both clearly talking – wings used like hand gestures – “G’day” “How are ya?”)

or walk on stilts,
or play musical instruments.
(Crow band on stilts, playing ragtime instruments. Girl beneath them.)

But… what… if… they… could!?
(Girl, eyes shut with happiness, dancing)

I know there are no dragons.
(Girl, looking down on baby boy playing with plastic dragon.)

But what if one came for me?
(Girl, startled, running, dragon entering frame, angry. Baby boy still playing with toy)

(Girl running from dragon)

Well, if dragons were real, then…
(Girl, standing firm, backed by fairies, mermaid in bath, sea god, giant, octopus in bucket, crows, robot on skateboard, unicorn, gorilla with wings, etc… Dragon pulling back, looking startled.)

What if there were dragons,
(Close-up of baffled dragon face)

but they didn’t like to eat little kids…?
(Final, small image of girl and dragon (and crow) having a tea party, on a picnic blanket under a tree.)

The End

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