Bonus 32: The World’s Smallest Giant

The World’s Smallest Giant
Matt Zurbo

So many people

get it oh so wrong,
thinking life’s dull,
not a wonderful song.

Take my mum for instance.
She’s a mermaid… with feet!
Singing her siren’s call
to her motley fleet.

Little bro looks plain?
I say; “No way!”

He’s the world’s smallest giant
every day!

Julie’s a sea monster,
without scaly skin!
Oh, imagine the weird places
a kid like that’s been!

Frieda is a magician
who’s forgotten all her tricks!
Once she remembers,
batten down your ships!

Dad, he’s the biggest elf
you ever saw!
Watch him keep monsters
and ghoulies from our door!

Louis is an elephant,
well, at least at heart!
Complete it must be said,

Bobbie’s a Cyclops
who found another eye.
Julia’s an angle
who doesn’t need to fly.

Ling is a pirate,
who never lost a hand,

a sailor by nature,
trapped on dry land.

Ginger’s a panther,
Vernon a goat,
We live in a castle that lost
its towers and moat!

And you, you’re an explorer,
from another time,
stuck in a young kid,
I can see it when you climb.

Or maybe a famous writer
nobody yet knows?
Or simply a dancer,
too light on their toes!?

We are, all of us,
nothing less than we dream.

Nobody has to be
only what they seem!

Fat, Funny, lazy,
there’s a walrus in me,
in the shadows, waiting…
to be wild and free.

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