Bonus 34: Pies With Eyes

Pies With Eyes
Matt Zurbo

Sarah decided she was going to rhyme,

Rhyme, rhyme! All the time!

Have some fun,
beat boredom’s grime.

So when she saw a yummy pie,
she paired it with the word ‘eye’.

An eye pie? A pie with an eye?
Ha, ha, ha! Oh me, oh my!

She thought she saw a dinosaur,
so decided;
More, more, more!”

Big and small,
dinosaurs galore!

A four-winged bird, that can sing?
What a silly, dilly thing!

La, la, la,

Her teacher said; “This makes no sense!”
while sitting on a wobbly fence.

“So what?” said a gorilla in a dress,
making a very awful mess!

(who was happy nonetheless!)

“A gorilla in a dress!?”
“My idea,” Sarah confessed.

The teacher’s name was; Mrs Max,
until now, obsessed with facts
(and prone to panic attacks!).

Relax, relax,
please Mrs Max!!

Mrs Max was quite confused,
that with rhyming as Sarah’s muse,
her sanity she might lose.

Then. the gorilla made the news!

Soon, everybody was at it!
Rhyming fast, rhyming quick!

Odd pairings, dude,
take your pick!

A pirate with a magic trick!

The moon jumping
a candlestick.

Monsters who wore silly hats!
Hanging out with farting bats!

Kids, skid-lids, super small,
telling tales oh so tall!

Girls with wings… and ten feet!?
Dancing, dancing, what a treat!

“Stop, stop!” Mrs Max did cry,
as banjo playing fish flew by.

“This is too much! Oh me, oh my!”

“But Mrs Max, it’s just good fun…”
Sarah sighed, in the hot sun!

Having fun in the sun…
with a Yun!?

Eating ice cream –
Mmm, yum, YUM!

“But now I don’t know up from down!?”
the teacher wailed, with a frown.

“How good!” agreed a flying clown,
doing loops above the town!”

Flying clowns, upside down?
Join in, join in!
Gather ‘round!

Sarah said; “Miss…”, blinking twice,
eating spotted pudding rice.

“Why not join in,
give your life some spice?”

A life with spice?
That sounded… kind of nice.

(As did spotted pudding with rice!)

So Mrs Max shouted; “Beard!”


“Yes! Beard! Beard! Beard!
Fun and weird!”

Everybody laughed and cheered!
Having fun with their
weird beards!

Said Mrs Max; “This is kind of fun!”
watching what rhyming had done.

Billy goats, who sailed on moats,
Gibblebits in dandy coats!

A griffin, oh small and sweet,
that only knew how to TWEET…!

Hop and skip and trip and run…
For everyone!

Then, a Boink called; “Tartan pants!
Tartan pants, full of ants!
Let’s all do a crazy dance!”

Romance, romance!”

Come night, Sarah was tuckered out,

as spent as the louty Clout.

The louty Clout with grumpy pout,

who’d only ever
shout, shout, shout!

“Thank you, Sarah” the teacher stressed,
ready for bed, in her night dress.

“Rhyming, now, I must confess,
gave my good sense a rest!

Sarah yawned, in excess;

“I wouldn’t want anything less!”

And they slept high off the ground,

safe and sound,
as dreams abound,  

no pies with eyes

to be found.


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