Story 401: Do Pandas Know It’s Christmas?

Do Pandas Know It’s Christmas
Matt Zurbo

Do pandas know it’s Christmas? I doubt it.
Who’s to judge if they’ve been good or bad?
They eat and sleep and play –
no simpler plan could be had.

Do pandas know it’s Christmas?
If so, would you give a thing or two?
A gift from me, and hopefully,
also a gift from you?

But, what would do? A box of bamboo?

A bamboo stew?
They have no need for something new.
Except for, maybe a pup or two.

Do rhinos know it’s Christmas?
I doubt they’d think it’s true..
No shopping stress, no fancy dress,
why would they bother to?

If an octopus knew it’s Christmas,

what presents could be tried?
It already has seafood,
and seaweed in which to hide.

They say octopuses are quite smart.
Maybe that’s where I would start.
Tell it grand stories in the dark,
about adventures with a lark?

Does a butterfly know it’s Christmas?
Sorry, just no.
It’s happy being a butterfly.
Let it go, let it go.

Does an owl believe in Santa?
If so, what might an owl’s Santa look like?
Would it have reindeer, a sled,
or simply a good bike?

If there was another owl, and just one mouse,
would it still have an owl fight?
What would it think if it saw my Santa
flying through the night?

If I knew it was Christmas,
it might drive me mad,
to know there was a panda,
I could not made glad.
That it’s happy with its life,
to which I could not add a tad.

Does a panda know it’s Christmas
as I watch it sleeping, scratching,
trying to climb a tree?

The gift, I would soon realise,
would be from it to me;
that I might simply watch it,
and in that feel free.

The fact there are pandas,
is the best gift there can be…!

The End

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