Story 402: The Gypsy and the Astronaut

Hi all, I hope everybody is doing great! Sorry, I’ve been still writing Cielo stories, but busy trying to get some of these darlings published or turned into films. AND live life as a bush worker and family man. And play sport, and work on the farm. And finish my latest YA novel. Never dull. Sometimes I wonder… is there anybody left out there!?

The Gypsy and the Astronaut
Matt Zurbo

The Astronaut was lonely,
drifting alone through space,
adventures, sure, a-plenty
yet still felt out of place.

The gypsy loved to dance,
tell a fortune or two,
but felt ill at ease
amongst the human zoo.

“It’s all too familiar,”
both of them softly said,
of the same ideas
running through their heads.

Then, one day, the gypsy,
saving a mermaid, trapped in a well,
needed help to bring it
back to the ocean’s swell.

The locals were not happy,
“Burn them! Witches!” they cried,
as the gypsy ran, and slipped,
and pushed and shoved and tried.

The astronaut happened by,
returning from outer space,
lifting gypsy and mermaid
to a safer place.

“Mermaids, real?” he smiled,
sitting in a wonky raft.
“If I told my bosses,
They would think me daft!”

“An astronaut, oh dear!”
the gypsy said, with fright,
her clan would not forgive
a scientist’s harsh light.

But she yearned for mysteries,
of which space held oh so many.
And he longed for romance,
of which she had plenty.

The gypsy watched her clan,
singing, calling from the pier.
The astronaut his crew,
shouting, throwing leers.

“Come with me,” he said,
as she asked the same of him.
“Trust me,” she insisted,
above everybody’s din.

“Trust in magic?” he thought.
“What an insane idea!”
but with yearning so great,
he overcame his fear.

Sure, to become an astronaut,
he had to be tough!
But to live outside his comfort zone,
took far stronger stuff!

“I do, I will,” he said,
trying hard to be brave.
To have faith in a gypsy girl,
who cast spells like a mage.

The gypsy, in return,
was besotted with his grace,
determined to love this boy
throughout outer space!

“You navigate,” she said,
“I’ll supply our vessel”
conjuring up a rope
that was rather special.

They sailed the Milky Way,
together, exploring its glory,
the astronaut, with his math,
gypsy her songs and stories.

Sad for what they’d left behind,
glad for what might lay ahead,
fragile, brave, together,
their hearts and souls well fed.

Both happy, in love,
exploring starry patterns,
last seen sipping tea,
somewhere beyond Saturn…

The End

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