Day 87: A Stitch In Time

A Stitch in Time
Matt Zurbo

(Artist’s note. Most welcome to draw all characters are semi-human creatures. Whatever it takes to keep it fun.)

Hey, here comes the cliché.
What’s a cliché?
(Two characters, fun)

Top of the morning to you! What a lovely day! Turn your frown upside down!
(Cliché character, even dresses like a cliché square. Other two a bit dumbfounded)

The early bird-
gets less sleep.
(Cliché saying the first line. Other two looking at each other. First character is interrupting, saying the second line. The second character is rubbing its eyes and yawning, a bit scruffy)
True that!

No, no! A Stitch in time-
saves your pants falling down!
(Cliché pointing tut-tut finger, first character saying second line, big smile, other one, smiling, trying to hold up falling pants)
Too late!

Slow and steady…
comes second to fast and steady.
(Cliché talking, but angry, as interrupted by first character pointing to a slow moving character and a fast moving character)

Sticks and stones may break my bones-
(First and second characters acting out their own clichés, while the Cliché character storms off)

If at first you don’t succeed,
maybe you weren’t meant to play water polo.

An elephant never forgets
that you stole its habitat.
(Elephant waving angry fist while driving by in super cramped little car)

Evil flourishes when
good men pull faces.

Monkey see, monkey do-do!

A bird in the hand is better than
a fart in a lift.

An apple a day
keeps the greengrocer happy.

Absence makes the heart
stop beating.
(Monster looking puzzled at its own heart.)

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,
it’s who can run away faster!

Actions look better than words.

The grass is always greener
if you don’t pee on it.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
unless the tree is on a cliff

over a train line,

when the train is eaten by a dragon.

What doesn’t kill you
can still really, really HURT!

You can’t judge a book by its cover,
unless it has unicorns on it.

You can’t please everyone,
1. Unless you’re giving money away
2. You’re a really good comedian
3. You’re a panda

All for one,
is not a fair fight.
(Three characters behind one big character, who is facing off one small, nervous character.)

(Dragon, mouth open, chasing bully creatures)

We’re not laughing at you,
we’re laughing with Jim.

At you.

What goes around
1. Gets dizzy.
2. Falls over.
3. Has to start again!
4. Needs to get one tire fixed.
5. Has one shoe nailed to the floor.

It’s better to have loved and lost,
but more fun to build a tree house!

When life gives you lemonade,
add lots of sugar.

Time flies when you
throw your watch,

and it gets eaten by a kookaburra.
Then you can have a laugh a minute!

Unless the kookaburra gets eaten by a dragon.

Darn dragons!

If at first you don’t succeed, try again
with a helmet on.

Tread softly, carry a big gorilla.

Love is all you needle.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.
(First character, mouth impossibly large, about to eat second, startled character.)

All’s well that ends well,
unless you fall down a well.
(First and second characters laughing so hard they are falling backwards into a well.)
Then it’s not swell.

Oh well.
(First and second characters, wet, propped up by elbows in mouth of well)


The End

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