Day 88: Skate Bored

Skate Bored
Matt Zurbo

(Kid with skateboard sitting on lip of half-pipe, contemplating.)

If I was boss, we’d all have to live on skateboards! How cool would that be!?
(Image of kid skating down street, surrounded by a few office workers, garbos, etc, all using skateboards.)

Life on the farm would be hard.
(Kid on skateboard with monster wheels, cutting in as he herds cows.)

But there’d be less pollution!
(Car with skateboard under each wheel. Kids all skating past and over it.)

We’d be fitter… and judged differently, I guess.
(Small geek kid smiling, upside down as he sails through air on board. Muscly cool kid on arse after simple gutter drop.)

We’d each have a skateboard that suited who we are.
(First of three double page spreads of crowd of skateboarders going the same way, left to right. There are rocket skateboards and tiny skateboards, and one fat skateboard with triplet sisters on it, a skateboard with a skull on its tip for a goth kid, etc…)

(A skateboard with coffee holder and newspaper stand for man in suit, 4×4 skateboard for redneck, Baby on skateboard with cot bars, Italian man on skateboard with hotdog stand. (or hotdog stand with four skateboards under it.) Dog on board, little board beside him with bowl on it. Kennel on board behind dragged behind. Kid on skateboard wearing a full head panda mask, alien in background on a one-wheeled skateboard. Girl riding scooter with unicorn headpiece. Surfie with wheels on surfboard, Rich kid on board with single-leg seat welded to it, poor kid on homemade skateboard pulling rich kid with a rope. Lots of everyday kids and adults mixed in, some eating noodle box with chop sticks, others listening to music, others reading, or using their phones, etc…)

(Wombat sitting on motorised skateboard, police on larger, motorised skateboard. Stuntman on rocket board. Kid in casual short and t-shirt, but with medieval helmet on. Two kids on skateboard with six extending arms, each with a wheel. Mum and Dad on ordinary boards, homie on shag carpet board, fluffy dice trailing behind. Music girl with headphones, 45 singles for wheels. Overweight delivery man with stack of boxes on end of board. Boy with helmet and fake wings on back. One lone girl, happy, on roller skates, stuntman on rocket skateboard in air, etc…)

The beach might be awkward… 
But we’d have ways around that.
(Flowing rolling wooden ramps, with riders on them. One or two have fallen off and face-planted, harmlessly, in the sand.)

Weather wouldn’t stop us.
(Raining. Everybody riding around with umbrellas that suit who they are. Business man with black umbrella, black girl with clear umbrella with daisies on it. One kid in bathers and snorkel. Aboriginal kid with Aboriginal flag/dot painting on raincoat, etc…)

I guess we’d have new problems…
(Small kid, on bum, crying as bully rides away with his board.)

But also new heroes!
(Main kid from start watching girl, crouched on her board, throwing small rocks in front of bully’s wheels. Bully flipping through air, into police butterfly net. Police on motorised boards.)

Board artist would be like pop stars!
(Artist painting flowers and leaves all over hippy girl’s board. Hippy girl impressed. Heavy Metal boy walking away, huge grin, looking at his mega-death paining on his board. In background is a cowboy on his board with horns at its tip.)

We’d crash lots.
(Kid and old man have collided at busy marker. Fruit everywhere.)

And lots!
(Two medics on skateboards carrying kid’s board on stretcher. Kid is still sitting on bum, lump on head.)

But help each other lots, too!
(Two kids helping man reattach wheel that has fallen off.)

How important would music be!?
(Teen, on board, lazy motion bend to him, hands on earphones, smiling.)

But BEST of all…
(Three or four kids, including main one from the start, one adult and a dog, standing on or holding their boards)

No matter how bad our day…
(All of them pushing really fast)

A step…
(Kid riding the edge of a step…)

A gutter…
(Adult in suit, holding briefcase, launching off the gutter)

A bus stop seat…
(Dog legs everywhere, as board sails into air above seat.)

All it would take is even a second or two of airtime…
(Main kid going super fast)

To feel free…!
(One of the other kids smiling, arms out like wings, launching, we are looking up at them, and can only see air.)


The End.






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