Day 89: The Dreamy Teacher

The Dreamy Teacher
Matt Zurbo


Miss Gullock was a good teacher.
(Teacher, walking left to right, front row of kids sitting, watching her.)

“I wonder what each of my students will be when they grow up?” she thought to herself.
(Teacher, back to us, now looking at a lawyer, a cleaner, a mechanic, and an office worker, crammed into their kid’s school desks.)

In the corridor, Miss Gullock looked at all the school kids, and wondered…
(Miss Gullock in school corridor, kids everywhere. Above each one is typeface of their potential profession. Doctor, dental assistant, tyre shop attendant, waitress. Unemployed, odd jobs, plumber, carpenter, sales, nurse, councilman… etc.)

When she reached the staff room, she tried to picture what her fellow teachers used to imagine they’d be.
(Miss Gullock watching 4 other teachers. One has music sheets and a guitar case. Next has lab coat on. One is dressed for sport. One is standing in front of a library trolley full of books. )

(Four teachers same stance, but now kids again. One is dressed as a rock star, the next a rocket scientist, the next a pro-basketball player, the last a writer.)

Back in class, Miss Gullock announced; “Tomorrow, I’d love it if you all dressed as what you want to be when you grow up.”
“A dinosaur!” shouted Gianpiero.
“I’m serious,” smiled Miss Gullock.
“Me too!” Gianpiero hollered.
(Gianpiero standing, one hand straight in air, the other arm holding the first, as if to help it get higher., other kids looking at him.)

On her way home that night, Miss Gullock imagined every commuter was a kid again, and what they wanted to be when they grew up.
(Suitable image.)

The next day, Miss Gullock came to school as a folk singer. “Good enough for them,” she thought, “good enough for me!”
(Hair frizzed, headband, acoustic guitar, flairs etc…)

Gianpiero came into class first: “RRRRAAAAWWWWRRR!”
(Everybody behind him laughing.)
“See, I told you Miss!” he boasted.
“And how will you make a living?” Miss Gullock smiled.
“Are you kidding, Miss!?” Gianpiero cheered. “Everybody loves dinosaurs! I’ll hire myself out to zoos and parties, and take tours back in time!”
(Gianpiero entering class with dino costume on, roaring…)

Everybody cheered.
“A comedian,” thought Miss Gullock.

She looked around. Tommy has a Spaceman’s suit on. She would tell the science teacher.

Louise was dressed like a vampire. Miss Gullock would arrange drama classes for her.    

Barone came dressed like his Dad. Next parent teacher night, Miss Gullock would tell the man how much his son loved him.
(Fish and chip shop owner.)

“Why do you have no costume on, Bobby?” Miss Gullock asked.
“I dressed as me!” Bobby defiantly said. “No matter what I grow up to be, as long as I stay me, I’ll be happy.”
“He’ll be anything he choses, this one,” Miss Gullock thought, and gave him a B+.
(Kid with no costume on, pointing his thumb into his chest. Other kids in costume behind him.)

“How are you going to make a living as a dragon?” Miss Gullock asked Richard.
“Don’t be silly! I want to be a costume maker!” Richard said.
“I think I have some clothes designs at home I can bring in for you,” Miss Gullock said.
(Kid dressed as dragon.)

“Aren’t your dreams bigger than that?” Miss Gullock asked.
“Everybody wants to be something fancy. Who’s going to pick up the garbage!?” Mateo protested.
(Mateo dressed as a garbage man.)
“A conservationist,” Miss Gullock thought. “Or a garbo, I guess. A+”    

Miss Gullock looked at her class. “When you go home I want you to write the shortest story you can about your future,” she said. “How you will get there, what you will be.”
“RRRRRAAAAWWWRRR!” Gianpiero said.

Soon enough, the morning recess bell rang! 
(Side on of kids in costumes, bolting out the door. Each one with a word above their head. About half have the name of what they are dressed as. Others; the cowboy has the word logger. The movie star has café owner, the mermaid has chef, there are also; storeman, plasterer, factory worker, inspector, politician, nanny, odd jobs, etc…)

“Psst!” Mr Moss whispered. “What are you doing? A lot of them will change their minds next week.”
Miss Gullock just grinned.
“They’re practicing wanting to be something,” she said.
(Back shot of Mr Moss leaning over to Miss Gullock, who is looking out window. Window frame frames the image. Kids outside, acting appropriate to their costumes as they run around, having fun.)

Miss Gullock had wanted to be a lot of things when she was a kid, but, right now, had never been more proud!
(Miss Gullock leaning back on desk, smiling at viewer. Words for all the things she wanted to be and still is floating above her head: Teacher. Peacemaker. Student. Pathfinder. Storyteller. Writer. Helper. (and in the middle, above her head) Dreamer…)


The End

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