Day 101: Alien Dance

Alien Dance
Matt Zurbo


Yo, yawn, snore, bother,
another day like any other.
(Kid standing, deadpan, on unmoving skateboard, wearing iPod and headphones.)

Woh, wow, bop, zing!
Look! A space ship landing!
(Spaceship landing.)

Yoiks, duck, run, cover!
Quick, offer it your brother!
(Kid, recoiling, covering eyes, pointing to baby brother, still in nappies. Scary alien, deadpan, throwing Kid’s iPod into its mouth.)

(Alien’s face looking startled. Small couple of musical notes escaping its ear.)

Wait! What? Ants in its pants?
Alien, it seems, likes to dance!
(Alien dancing while kid watches.)

Wobbly, bobbly belly bum!
Why not all join in the fun?
(Kid dancing with alien)

Hey! Gah! Come back here!
A big gorilla just brings fear!
(Alien, having opened cage, dancing to big, mean gorilla)

Haha, hee-hee and hoo-hoo!
Gorilla is like me and you!
(Gorilla dancing, too.)

Boo-hoo, la la la, sook, sook!
Grumpy Sal? Take a look!
(Alien, kid, gorilla dancing either side of Sal, who is still grumpy, but jigging.)

Wow, gee! This is the BEST!
Too much fun to ever rest!
(Everybody dancing, many dancing on each other’s shoulders, holding the ankles of whoever is on top of them.)

Zip, Zop, Zap and Zoot!
A DINOSAUR? Oh, you beaut!
(Alien machine teleporting dinosaur. Alien and Dinosaur doing the twist.)

Yaaar! Screech, hide, run!
Maybe that was TOO much fun?
(Everybody running as alien eats slice of chocolate cake, and Dinosaur tried to eat people.)

Ohh, ahh, bow and faint,
our fair leader wants to relate.
(Leader, overweight, in suit, generals by his side, photographers ready, chin up, hand out to shake.)

Yoik! Gulp! What did Alien say?
“If you’re no fun then go away…”
(Alien pushing past leader to dance with cleaner’s 3 year old boy.)

Oh no, boohoo, good-bye.
You have to go, I want to cry!
(Alien, on platform, doing wavy dance as ship descends)

Ssh, quiet, tippy toe…
Stowaway, here I go…
(Kid sneaking onto spaceship while alien hugs gorilla good-bye.)

Boink! Voink, bing-a-tee-boo!
No way! Your planet’s boring, too?
(Alien, sitting, dejected. Obvious by large size of other aliens, ours is just a kid. Older aliens all in alien suits, with alien briefcases. Nobody having fun. Stop sign has a music note with a red line through it.)

You helped me, like no other,
I’ll help you, my alien brother!!
(Kid placing needle on record. All aliens leaning down to watch.)

And a one, and a two, and a-
(Kid and main alien running, laser fire everywhere.)

Not much changes here or there,
even aliens can be square!
(Alien looking deadpan, as spaceship lifts with kid in it.)

Fraggle-pop, heartbreak rock!
Back home I go, chopperty chop!
(Robotic arm lowering kid to be in front of roaring gorilla.)

Sorry, no, I won’t pee my pants.
Don’t forget I’ve seen you dance!
(Kid dancing. Gorilla startled.)

If you can dance just like me,
how hard can life truly be?
(Kid and gorilla dancing.)


The End

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