Day 102: The Best Skier in the World

The Best Skier in the World
Matt Zurbo

This is Clancy.
(Kid, about 10, cute smile, in skiing outfit.)
He’s about 10.

No-one can do a double half back twist like he can!
(Clancy back flipping, while twisting, with skis on, nothing but air around him.)

One day he’s going to be the best in the world.
(Clancy landing on his arse in the snow.)
How do I know this?

Clancy actually came from a small coastal town.
(Group of kids taking turns to jump off pier, 2yr old, finger on mouth, watching them.)
It never snowed!

But whatever he did, he was fearless!
(3yr old Clancy charging with footy, determined smile.)

From the very fist time Clancy went skiing, he wanted to be the best in the world!
(Other, older boys falling and knee knocking around Clancy, who is tiny, about 3 years old, but upright and determined.)

But lots of kids do.
That’s not how I know Clancy is going to be the best skier in the world.
(White page, just text.)

First, Clancy learned how to launch!
(Each page of this following sequence Clancy is a bit older/taller.)
(Clancy launching, all wonky.)

But not land!
(Landing hard in snow.)

Then he dialled in 180s.

And Switch 180s! (backwards)

Then 360s…! 540s…!

How did a boy from the coast learn this stuff? He’s been practising backflips on the trampoline.
(Mum motioning ‘Come here’ by pointing to her feet. Clancy black-flipping on the trampoline as the moon rises. His brother is in there with him, watching/laughing.)

– and into a dam.
(Dad throwing him up, off a pontoon, as he twists and spins through air. His brother already in the water with eye goggles and a snorkel.)

But a lot of kids invent ways to be good at something. That’s not how I know Clancy’s going to be a great skier.
(White page, just text.)

Clancy has ambition. One day, he says, he’s going to try a Nose Butter Double Cork 12! 
(Clancy talking to his brother as they rouse up a sheep on the farm. Above them is the image of Clancy doing a nose butter double cork 12.)

This year he’d already won the Big Air comp

And the Slope Style Comp

But many kids win competitions. That’s not how I know he’s going to be the best skier in the world.
(White page, just text.)

The biggest event of the season was the Big Mountain Comp!
(Clancy and his Dad and Mum, kitted out in ski gear, looking at a map on a stand explaining the route/method of a mountain comp.)

Clancy sent a 360 off – nailed it. Big tail grab off. He worked his way down to a cliff face.
(Image from cliff face of the course. We can see Clancy doing each of these three actions.)

‘Go big or go home…’ he thought…
(Clancy flying through the air.)

But that’s not how I know he’s going to be the best in the world…
(Clancy crashing, much bigger bounce/spraying snow than earlier in book.)

(Clancy cartwheeling down through the snow.)

(Clancy all twisted, unconscious in the snow. Mum, Dad and ski patrollers, arms out, rushing to him.)

(Two ski patrollers, on skies, carrying stretcher with Clancy on it. His leg is in a brace.)

Clancy broke pretty much, well, it felt like everything! And tore a lot of the muscles off the bone!
(Clancy in emergency.)

The doctor was honest.
“You’ll have to spend 6 weeks in a wheelchair.”
“Then two months on crutches. You will have to re-learn how to walk.”
“There will be a lot of pain and frustration.”
“Do you have any questions?”
(Doctor pointing to a chart with all of Clancy’s injuries. Clancy in a wheelchair, Dad and brother behind him, watching.)

And this is how I know Clancy will one day be the best skier in the world…
(Page white, just text.)

Clancy had just one question. “How soon until I can compete again?”
(Side on of Clancy, in wheelchair, talking to slightly startled doctor.)

The moral of the story?
(Clancy doing rehab.)

Don’t be fooled by a cute smile.
(Clancy smiling as he skis again.)

Some people, even when they’re kids, have fire inside.
(Long shot of Clancy launching off a ramp doing backflip, upside down, in perfect form.)


The End


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