Day 148: Poo!

Matt Zurbo


Oh no!
(Kid 1 and Kid 2, looking just above the reader, shocked.)
Here comes Harry!

We thought giving a monster a human name would make it less scary!
(Kids watching monster tearing up the town.)

Hate Harry!
(Harry dropping two adults, a cat, a kid and a dog into mouth.)

Scared of Harry!
(Monster mouth lunging, two kids running scared, cars flying through air.)

All of us!
(Everyone hiding behind the one letterbox.)

Enough’s enough, Harry!
(Mob with flaming torches, Harry in background, in zoo, throwing keepers into the air, dropping a shocked elephant into mouth.)

Hang on… What’s this?
(Back of mob, Kid 1 has stopped in front of huge pile of monster poo, a few blades of grass and weeds coming up. Kid 2 turning head back as she notices.)

Things love growing in Harry’s poo!
(Both kids looking in wonder as vines, grass and flowers shoot upwards from poo. Littler piece of poo also has things growing from it now.)

(Kids looking at lots of big dollops of poo with amazing ferns and trees and flowers growing from them.)

This is weird!
This is the greatest!
(Kids looking at towering pillar of vines, ferns and weird flowers growing straight up into sky. Kid 1 perplexed, holding nose. Kid 2 happy, holding nose.)

Look at him go!
(Side image of monster throwing cars, bored, while it leaves a trail of pieces of poo behind it. Furthest/oldest poo is full of life, working down to newest/closest to monster, still with only a blade or two of grass starting to grow.)

If only he stopped eating people!
(Kids surrounded by weird curly fruit trees growing out of poo. Both of them stuffing their faces with juicy fruit.)

Wait! I have an idea!
(Kid 2 finger up, bright. An idea.)

(Kids, and a few firemen throwing chain around monster’s leg.)

Hooray! So clever!
(Monster, chained by the leg. Chain leads to a big steel peg, so it can only walk in a circle, like a chained goat. Monster pooing as it goes. By the time it has done a lap of its chain, the old poo has sprouted enough life to eat.)

(Monster eating wall of plants, more plants starting to grow behind it, from its poo, as it goes.)

I’ve got an even better idea!
What’s that?
Let’s give Harry a longer chain…
(Kid 1 holding up long chain.)

Look out! Here it comes!
(Farmers on ladders, picking fruit from row of weird trees, putting into fruit boxes puled by tractor. Furthest worker looking behind/off page, shouting.)

(Kids, and farmers, watching monster walking across page, eating a jungle of wildlife, leaving nothing behind it. Big chain still around ankle.)

(Farmers watching direction monster went, while fruit trees start to uncurl and grow from poo.)

The best!
(Everyone back to working picking new, weird fruit. Last farmer looking at where monster will come from when the chain circle brings it back.)
Here it comes again!

It’s still poo though.
(Kid 2 holding nose, looking at fresh poo.)

Who cares?
(Kid one, laughing, plants growing from his dirty hand. Kid 2 copping a splat of poo in the side of the head. Weird little plants starting to curl up from it.)

So which students have been playing with monster poo?
Not us!
(Teacher at head of class. Our two kids, and a few others have curling weeds and flowers growing from hands and bits of body.)
The End

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