Day 150: The Bedtime Book

The Bedtime Book
Matt Zurbo


Oh, so it’s bedtime is it?

(Young child yawning.)

You’ve been playing all da-

(Standing, barely awake, yawning at parents.)

Why don’t you just –

(Child in jamas walking and yawning.)


(Dog and cat yawning. Child walking yawning, half awake in background.)

Yawwwnnn, yawwwnn, yawwwnnn…

(Three birds yawning above yawning head of walking child.)


(Two kids in jamas, leaning on each other, very tired.)

Oh dear, it’s catching. You hand better – 
Yawwwwwwnnnnn ..

(Mum and Dad standing, yawning. Child walking on, yawning.)

Now everybody is…

(Baby walking, yawning on street. Garbo crew behind it, pedestrians, everybody stopping to yawn.)

Even the monsters under your bed are –
yaaawwwwnnnn,… Ya-ya-yawn…

(Two monsters standing either side of bed yawning. Child sitting on bed, yawning.)

Ssh, ssh, ssh…

(Child, standing on grass, at night yawning. Above child, moon is big and yawning.)


(Kid in biplane yawning, pilot, goggles on, yawning.)

Sshh, whisper…

(Angels in cloud yawning. Child walking alone under clouds yawning.)

Yawnnn, sigh… Sshh. How do we stop yawni-

(Close up of child eyes closed, yawning.)


(Child climbing into bed.)

Love you.
Good night.

(Child in bed, sleeping. Small “zzz” above head.)


The End

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