Day 174: The Happy Avalanche

The Happy Avalanche
Matt Zurbo


Nobody ever had fun
in Ramone’s little town,
so one day he decided
to roll a rubber ball down,

from the highest street
he had ever seen,
way up in the clouds,
where he’d never been.

The ball bounced off
at springy, mighty speed,
over big, fat cracks,
and clumps of knotted weed.

Soon, it bumped into a cat,
which bumped into a dog,
which knocked a noisy frog,
off of its rotting log.

Meow, meow, meow,
woof, yipe, yipe, woof,
croak, gribbitty, gribbitty,
they all tumbled in loops.

Meow, woof, yipe, gribbit,
what was this new sound ,
when people looked up,
they saw tumbling down?

So funny that Silly Sally
laughed, giggled, laughed,
until, doubled over,
she too tumbled past.

Timmy Tough who was mean,
heard; Shriek, girbbit, woof!
Throw in a Meow, fsst!
an Ouch and an Oof!

Too shocked to move,
they also picked him up,
tumbling, farting, crying,
none of them could stop!

Then there was Billy,
with his toy racing cars,
caught up in the fall,
while looking at Mars.

Toy wheels became skates,
meow, woof, shriek, zoom!
The falling mob then gathered
a clown with balloons.

Pop, whiz, flpflpflp!
Gribbit, shriek, wail!
Through a fruit and veg shop,
everybody did sail,

with a squish, squash, splat,
tumbling cat, woof, woof, shriek,
the police came charging,
before yelling “Retreat!”

Weee-awww, bump, clunk, weee-awww,
meow, gribbit, pop, pop,
next, the living avalanche rolled
through a big cake shop!

Yum, squish, ow, gribbit, and
”Nobody move!”
the last policeman barked,
as he was consumed.

”I mean it!” the man said,
bouncing on his head,
gribbit, moo, honk, squish,
there was now even a bed!

That made the frog laugh
so much it farted on the cat,
that fell into a cream cake,
with a face-first splat,

causing Sally to grin,
then Billy to roar,
soon everybody laughing,
tumbling down, having a ball.

Haha, squish, fart, gribbit,
honk, woof, donk, giggle, bink,
diving fast for cover,
movers even threw in a sink!

Finally – meow, pop, woof, “Halt!” –
amid laughter and cheer,
a flat part of town,
did finally appear,

everyone and thing,
coming to a tumbling stop,
with a thud and a squelch,
a clunk, a bonk and donk!

Meanwhile, little Ramone
came running down the hill,
through all the damage,
that gave him a chill.

“Oh, boy, oh wow, oh gee,”
the cheeky kid did stress,
“Maybe running away,
would, for me, be best!”

But the mess he found
was a big wad of cheer,
laughing, fed, amused,
with nothing left to fear.

Sure, they were in pain,
a broken limb or three,
but they were so amused,
he was greeted with glee.   

Only the rubber ball,
bounced on and on.
causing chaos all day long!


The End.

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