Day 177: Jump, Stomp, Woosh

Jump, Stomp, Woosh
Matt Zurbo

G’day! Hi!
And hello!
off we go!
(Dawky little kid, looking at reader, a bit perplexed.)

Jump, jump, jump,
you beaut runt!
Big or small just
jump, jump, jump!
(Dawky jumping forward. left to right)

Clap, clap, clap!  
Clap your hands!
I’m a big fan of those
who clap their hands!
(Dawky walking forward, clapping, joined by two or three long-necked, bird-like creatures/people walking the same way, clapping.)

Whistle, tweet,
whistle some more!
Blow a tune
across the floor!
(Dawky whistling while walking, birds still in background clapping, but two walrus-like creatures with tail flippers that walk whistling (while playing ukulele). Everybody heading in same direction.)

Bounce, bounce, bounce,
Oh, bounce again!
On a troll,
under a hen!
(Dawky bouncing on a wincing troll’s head, a hen on top of Dawky’s head. All heading in same direction.)

Stomp! Stomp! Stamp!
Thump your feet!
Stomp until
they shout “Retreat!”
(Dawky and a few other creatures, including troll, stomping while still heading left to right. Scared creatures with knight’s helmets and jousting poles running away.)

Zoom, swish, whoosh!
Take to the air!
Swish and swoon
without a care!

Twist, bop, dance,
Get in the groove
and they will, too!
(Dawky closest to reader, dancing, as are others, including hairy, rainbow coloured creature playing its snout like a clarinet. All still heading left to right.)

Hop, hop, hop,
don’t ever stop.
Hop with a mop
over the top!
(Dawky hopping over hill with mop.)

Moo! Moo! Moo!
Run like a cow!
Watch a cow now
to see how!
(Dawky and a bird and a whistler, hands on chins, watching cow run on hind legs.)

Bang, crash, pow!
A lot of noise!
Falling forward,
with girls and boys.
(Awkward girls and boys joining in, falling and tripping, forward while holding symbols, trombones and bass drums, including Dawky.)

Widgit, gidjit,
silly walks,
with weird things,
and awkward stalks.
(Strange tall creatures with awkward limbs, and stalks with babies, walking forward with others from story. DAwky looking up at one as he walks, claps and whistles.)

Munch, crunch, much!
Lets all eat!
A munching crowd
can’t be beat!
(Everybody that has been in book, all eating apples as they walk in same direction.)

Phew, then gasp,
a big sigh,
you’ve made it home,
now yawn ‘Good-bye.’
(Dawky behind gate, waving over shoulder as everybody else marches on.)

Psst, psst, whisper,
a kiss goodnight…
Anything else
would not seem right.
(Mum bending to kiss barely awake Dawky as he walks past. Dawkey dressed in sleeping onesie/long johns, with long sleeping beanie, off balance, yawning.)

Ssssssssh, ssssssssh,
go to sleep.
Tomorrow, today
you will repeat.
(Dawky sleeping. Bird creature, smiling, sticking its head down from top of page.)


The End


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