Day 178: Henry Poked a Hole

Henry Poked a Hole
Matt Zurbo

Henry poked a hole

in the middle of the ground,
due to the boredom,
he found all around.

Soon, Henry noticed,
a few ants fell in,
distracted from their job,
eating fish in rubbish bins.

Then, little Henry saw,
marbles roll across the floor,
falling through his hole,
as if it were a door.

Next, birds and cats,
began to chirp and screech,
as they were pulled in,
to Henry’s little breech.

With half the playground gone,
a Dutch child soon popped up!
Swallowed by a hole,
his finger couldn’t stop.

Then, all the kids and clouds,
started rolling back.
The pull of Henry’s hole,
even caught some bats!

A bicycle, a stop sign,
two gymnasts, a lot of frogs,
Every single record player,
almost every dog!

The good, the bad, the shy,
the hole ate and ate and ate.
Soon, it even swallowed,
poor Henry’s best mate!

All of the house windows,
half of the punk bands.
That one Henry didn’t mind,
he was no great punk fan!

Traffic lights, buildings,
”This has got to stop!”
yelled a big fat wrestler,
with a belly flop!

But the hole, so small,
somehow still pulled him in,
followed by his rivals,
and a garbage bin.

Trees, flees, space ships,
drew into Henry’s hole,
people’s fears and dreams,
and sounds that sooth a soul.

“Maybe it’s a living thing?”
Henry thought aloud,
doing a quick fart,
to be sucked into the ground.

The hole gave a small cough,
spat out a farmer or two,
then continued on,
dragging in the local zoo.

“Help, somebody, help!”
Henry finally panicked!
It was almost as if,
the hole was Satanic!

Then, along came Rosie Boo,
who thought outside the square,
so much so that sometimes,
she was hard to bare.

”You built this hole from boredom,”
she said, as more stuff fell in.
”Maybe it only takes dull things,
to which it feels akin.”

That did not say too much,
for little Rosie Boo,
as it soon swallowed her,
and her guru, too!

“Think outside the box!”
was Rosie Boo’s last call,
as, full of fright,
Henry ducked a flying wall.

So he caught a passing shovel,
when he should have fled,
dug out the small hole,
placed it over his head.

Everything now gone,
preying for some luck,
his hole now upside down,
Henry heard a rattle and a clunk!

Clowns and sharks fell out first,
followed by the sky,
a caravan, a salesman,
a hitchhiker, a pig sty.

At first Henry ran,
so as to not be crushed,
as more and more returned,
even a toilet brush!

Held up by an eagle,
neighbourhood tumbling free,
Henry let out a sigh while
attacked by returned bees.

Looking at the chaos,
with his spewed-out best friend,
little Henry knew
he had to make amends.

Plugging up the hole,
he started sweeping into a bin,
which made his boredom return,
too where it had always been!


The End


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