Day 179: Roll Man, Roll!

Roll, Man, Roll!
Matt Zurbo


Little Bobby Fisher decided to roll a bowling ball, for,
to be honest…
no reason at all.

He gave it a polish,
a little kiss,
then rolled it around a salad dish.

It knocked over a lamp,
purred past the cat,
then ran under the legs of a little scamp.

His ball skipped down the steps,
jumped the gate,
landed with a sigh…

gave a fright
to a kid on his bike,
then kept rolling by!

The ball, it rolled and rolled

and rolled,

so smooth, so simple, so bold…

free to roam,


doing what it was told.

The League of Sour Lipped Ladies,
as always,
had another plan.

A kid being happy was
the one thing
that they could not stand!

“A rolling ball! Unheard of!” they did protest.
“You have to bowl in an alley,
just like all the rest!”

Little Bobby Fisher’s ball did not remotely care!
Someone called STRIKE!
As bitter, biddy old ladies flew through the air!

Soon more tried to stop it,
fat chance,
Bobby also got the spare.

The ball rolled through a chook shed,
a department store,
past a bald man’s head.

“There she goes!”
people cried.
“Yippee!” Bobby sighed.

Some say Bobby’s ball eventually
hit a gutter,
making a policeman shout and rage and sputter.

That it was put back in a bowling alley
full of rules
and obvious choices.

I like to think it just kept on rolling,
an rolling,
for no reason,

for every reason,

an inspiration,
to different voices.



The End

The End

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