Day 180: The Rabbit Who Knew What Everybody Thought

The Rabbit Who Knew What Everybody Thought
Matt Zurbo


Rabbit has a problem,
it could hear what other rabbits thought.
(Two-toned pet rabbit.)

“I’m hungry.”
“Don’t eat me.”
“Eat him instead.”
“I don’t want to die.”
(Other rabbits)

“I want to be different.”
“I hate him.”
”I am different.”
It was more than Rabbit could bare.
(Rabbit running from other rabbits.)

Dog seemed friendly.
”I want to eat you so bad!”
“If only master wasn’t around.”
Oh. Rabbit could read Dog’s thoughts, too!

Rabbit didn’t like Dog after that.

Rabbit thought the bush looked pretty.
Rabbit decided to escape.
”Now I can eat you,” thought cat.
Cat always thought that.

Rabbit didn’t like Cat.

Wild rabbits didn’t like Rabbit.
They said hello, and seemed nice.
But thought:
“Rabbit looks different!”
“What’s with them spots?”
(Grey rabbits in wild.)

Rabbit decided to run for Mayor.
Mayor of what?” asked Duck.
“Of here,” said Rabbit.
“Fair enough,” said Duck.

Duck always said what Duck thought.
“Rabbit liked Duck!

”I’ll try and eat Rabbit,” said and thought Snake.
Snake sometimes said what snake thought, too

Rabbit still didn’t like Snake.

Rabbit stood on head of Kangaroo.
“Vote me!” Rabbit said.
“Okay!” said Wombat.
Rabbit liked Wombat.

All Wombat wanted to do was eat grass and do square poos!

“Vote me! I’ll protect everybody,” said Snake. “So will my friends Cat and Fox.”
“They’re tough. Mean. I be safe with them!” said Bilby.
And Mouse.
And Lizard.

“Vote me! I can read everybody’s thoughts,” said Rabbit.
“Fox and Cat and Snake want to eat you.”

But Bilby didn’t want Rabbit to know Bilby was scared.
Lizard was angry Rabbit knew Lizard wanted to be a Goanna.
Mouse was only there for the free crumbs.

“I don’t trust anyone who knows what I’m thinking!” said Mouse.
“You’re wondering how you can steal everybody’s food,” said Rabbit.
“See!” shouted Mouse!
(Mouse, Lizard and Bilby arguing with Rabbit, while Fox, Cat and Snake behind them about to pounce!)

(Fox, Cat and Snake, fat bellies, full and content.)

“Run!” said Rabbit.
“Okay!” said and thought Wombat.
(Fox, Cat, Snake chasing Wombat and Rabbit.)

Duck wasn’t silly, Duck had left a long time ago.  
(Duck flying.)

“You’ll never outrun Fox, Cat and Snake!” Crow called.
”You just want to eat the bits they leave behind!” called Rabbit.

“And you really wish you were a wedge-tailed eagle,” Rabbit added,
which made Kookaburra laugh and laugh.

“You’re only laughing as loud as you can so you sound large to other Kookaburras,” Rabbit said, as Rabbit and Wombat ran.

Rabbit was too honest. Soon, only Wombat liked Rabbit.

“Oh, no, a dead end!” said Rabbit.
“I do square poos!” shouted Wombat.
Even when they were about to die, Rabbit thought Wombat was funny.

“Time to eat,” said Fox.
Then Rabbit had an idea.
“Wait! After eating us, Fox want eat Snake and Cat.”

“You all plan to eat each other!”

”Rrr!” said Snake, Fox and Cat…
(Fox, Cat, Snake fighting each other.)

(Wombat at Rabbit running, eyes wide with fright.)

(Wombat and Rabbit on a freight train.)

(Wombat and Rabbit being trampled by running emus.)

(Wombat and Rabbit tumbling.)

“Aw. A Rabbit and a Wombat,” said Boy
“Why can’t we get along like animals do?” said Girl.
(Rabbit and Wombat, exhausted, propping themselves up on the grass.)

“What they really thinking?” Wombat asked.
“Humans? Nothing,” Rabbit said.
(Rabbit and Wombat waving, going their own ways.)

After that, Rabbit lived alone in a field where Rabbit didn’t have to listen to anybody’s thoughts except Butterfly’s…
“Weee! Sun good…” said and thought Butterfly.
(Rabbit in long grass, eating, looking up at Butterfly.)



The End.

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