Day 182: Haunting Ghosts

Haunting Ghosts
Matt Zurbo


Poor Mooki and Pooki were at home when there was a fire.
(Night, fire burning in corner of house.)

Nobody lived in the house for years after that. Just Mooki and Pooki. As ghosts, of course.
(Ghosts playing leapfrog.)

Then, one day, a lot of people made noise in the yard.
(Peering out at auction.)

After that, renovators came. They even dusted off the cobwebs!
(Renovator brushing away cobweb hammock Mooki is in.)

Mooki looked at the ghost contract. “Um, I think we have to haunt them…” he said.
(Reading the fine print of a ghost contract.)

First, they practised on each other.
(Pooki going boo, Mooki rolling around laughing.)

Fortunately, there was a manual.
(Ghosts reading manual.)

“Hey! Shape shifting!”
(Mooki’s top half morphing into a griffin. Pooki leaping back in fright.)

“Ghost farts!”
(Pooki, cheeks puffed, thumb in mouth, blowing, bum out, clouds of dust and little ghost devils coming out. Mooki reeling in disgust!)

“Okay, lets go!”
(Both rolling up ghost sleeves/pulling down scary ghost masks, determined, stepping through wall.)

(Mooki, mouth huge, letting out a mighty roar. Family heads down in phones, or tablets, don’t notice. Dad watching television.)

(Pooki lifting chair with Dad on it. Dad still watching television.)

(Mooki, using fingers to totally distort face, right in front of teenager, who has earphones on and is talking on telephone.)

(Mooki and Pooki standing with ghost bells, whistles and drums, evil ghost masks lifted to be on top of heads, deadpan, baffled.)

“Hang on, I have an idea,” said Pooki.
(Shrinking down into teenager’s mobile phone.)

(Pooki going ‘Boo!’ from screen. Girl leaping back.)

“Bo- hey! She SWIPED me!”
(Girl swiping Pooki off screen.)

“I have it! Do a friend request!” said Mooki. “Then tell her how unpopular this house is!”
(Girl outside, leaning against balcony pole, pouting, refusing to come in.)

“Global warming will flood this house!”
(Pooki, disguised as a news reader, on the television.)

“Haunt Mum’s reality shows!”
(Mooki eating bride in reality show on tablet.)

“This idea’s not working,” said Mooki.
“I know,” said Pooki. “Let’s replace her entertainment with information!”
(Mum turning away in disgust as tablet shows re-cycling information.)

(Family huddled in middle of room. Mooki and Pooki running in circles around them, happy, holding mobiles, tablets and remote controls.)

“Now for the best bit!” laughed Mooki.
“Monsters?” smiled Pooki.
(Mooki rubbing hands with glee, Pooki shape shifting into terrifying monster.)
“Nope,” said Mooki.

“A plague of bats?” Pooki asked. “Fire?”
“Nope. That stuff is old.”
“I know. All ghosts love turning lights off and on!”
“Pfft. Better…” said Mooki.
(Pooki excited, turning lights on and off while surrounded by bats, her head and shoulders on fire. Mooki dismissive.)

“We unplug their internet.”
(Mooki bending to unplug modum cord in wall.)

(View of outside of house.)

(Family bursting out door, running in horror.)

After that, things were better for Mooki and Pooki.
(Mooki lazing in cobweb hammock on porch, Pooki out front, hammering in bloody sign that says “No internet!”)

(Mooki and Pooki, and a few ghost monsters playing leapfrog in dusty, cobwebbed house.)


The End

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