Day 207: What’s Around the Corner?

What’s Around the Corner?
Matt Zurbo


(Two kids walking. Zet and Deet.)

“Hey!” what do you think is around that corner?” asked Zet.
“You think of the strangest things!” said Deet.
(Kids watching the edge of a brick building on the corner of the street.)

“Well, what?” Zet insisted.
“I think there’s a gorilla!” said Deet.
(We can see building/wall edge on left, with gorilla on other side/footpath.)

“Haha! You’re the best. Well, I think there’s a man held up by a steam powered balloon signing autographs,” said Zet.
“Ahh, and inventor,” sighed Deet.
(As described.) 

“What if there’s an octopus!? In a bathtub?” laughed Deet.
(As described.)

“And some deep sea divers,” chuckled Zet.
(Boys on one side of corner, hand on chin, contemplating. Unable to see that on other side is octopus, divers and a submarine.) 

“Or, maybe there’s a Greek god?” Deet thought aloud. “But which one? A cyclops?”

“No, all of them,” smiled Zet.
(Every Greek god you can think of on other side of corner wall.)

“You can’t have ALL of them!”
“Why NOT!?”
(Zet and Deet arguing in front of corner.)

“Well, what if the moon is around this corner?” said Zet.
(Moon bulging a round corner.)

“Hang on, maybe Tommy Tuckers and his gang are waiting for us?” fretted Deet.
(Old school 50s gang with braces and a billycart, waiting on other side of corner.)

“Or a crocodile!?”

“Or a dinosaur!?”

“Or a thousand bats?”
(Boys oblivious to bats around corner attacking running, screaming commuters.)

“Haha, you’re nuts!”
“No you are!”
(Kids laughing, teasing each other.)

“What if there’s a really tall creepy lady with skinny dogs with three eyes each just around that corner?” guessed Zet.
(Woman standing horizontally on other side’s wall, as if defying gravity. Dogs below.) 

“Or the edge of existence…” gasped Deet.
“Woh! Now you’re thinking,” shivered Zet.
(Straight drop through street and earth on other side.)

“Or a kitten!” yelled Zet.
(Litle kitten.)

How lame!
“Ah, shudup!”
(Kids arguing.)

“What if there are sharks?”
(Footpath is made of water, fins protruding.)

(Can just see hairy leg and big feet.)


(Kids terrified!)

“Wait, who said that?” stuttered Deet.
“It’s your sister again!” moaned Zet.
(Deet gently pushing on little sister, who is smiling to self, holding jug of flowers.)

“I bet there are zombies!” cheered Zet.

“In spacesuits!”
(Zombies in spacesuits, faces looking perplexed.)

“No, in dressing gowns!”
(Zombies looking annoyed.)

“Wait, I bet there is… a… Mongolian horde!”
“With pirates.”
“A plague of frogs!”
“A fire!”
“A giant fart in a giant water tank!”
“The rings of Saturn!”
“The Black Forest full of gremlins!”
“An alien world!”

(Kids scared, working themselves up.)

“I can’t look!” said Deet.
(Deet, gnashing teeth, one hand over eyes, pushing startled Zet past corner’s edge.)

(Zet on bum, on other street’s footpath. Deet still holding onto corner’s edge, but looking around it. All both of them can see is an empty footpath to the next corner.)

(Both kids running along footpath.)

“What do you think is around THIS corner!?” mumbled Deek.
“A saber-toothed tiger on a bike!”
“A big moustache!”
“Huge tenpins!”  
“Every rabbit to ever get pulled out of a magician’s hat!”
“Oh, that’s a good one!”
“A circus!”
“A talking fox…”
(Long shot. From distance we see boys from behind as they peer around corner.)

The End.



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