Day 208: Bulldog Like Truck

Bulldog Like Truck
Matt Zurbo


Bulldog love fun
Bulldog love bark.
Bulldog name Bulldog.
Bulldog rule park.

Poodle love Pepper.
Terrier love Chuck.
Duck love pond,
Bulldog love Truck!

Truck go BROOM!
Bulldog woof, woof!
Truck go HONK!
Bulldog hit roof!

Bulldog so happy!
Truck his friend.
“Mates we stay,
‘till the end!”

Truck-stop break.
Bulldog go pee.
Truck take off.
“Why leave me!?”

Very first thing
Bulldog do,
jump quick into
passing balloon.

Bark, woof, snarl!
Up too high!
Bulldog leap,
forget can’t fly!

Whimper, whine!
Bulldog fall.
Land middle of
shopping mall.

Bulldog thumb out,
hitch bike ride.
Bulldog see Truck,
pull along side.

Each truck driver
have own mate.
Emu, kangaroo,
bull at gate.

Bulldog no care
who drive truck.
Truck all Bulldog
need for luck.

Bulldog on roof,
wind so sweet.
Pride of fleet,
can’t be beat!

Big storm come,
desert get wet.
Bark “GO, TRUCK, GO!”

Truck go hard.
Truck get bogged.
Bulldog fault.
Humiliated dog.

Water rise,
Other trucks watch,
Bulldog and Truck
sink like rock.

Bulldog grab
big tow rope,
grunt and groan,
Truck blow smoke!

Bulldog not care,
impossible task.
Bulldog try!
Bust bulldog arse!

“I love Truck!”
“Not give in!”
“Try, grunt, try,
drown or win!”

All truck drivers
feel Bulldog pain.
Charge from cabins,
into hard rain.

Everybody pull,
everybody grunt.
Everybody fart,
eat beans too much.

Farts help push,
truck soon move!
Wheels begin,
leave mud groove.

Safe at last!
Bulldog sigh.
Truck and Bulldog
wave bye-bye.

Down highway,
into sunset.
Truck and Bulldog
no regrets.


The End

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