Day 210: Sometimes I’m a Tiger

Sometimes I’m a Tiger
Matt Zurbo


Sometimes I’m a tiger,
a thing brave and bold!

Sometimes I’m a monkey,
who won’t do what it’s told!

Sometimes I’m a leopard,
who likes to change its spots.

Sometimes I’m an albatross
that never, ever stops!

Sometimes I’m a wombat,
who likes to laze around.

Eat a lot,
sleep a lot,
hang out underground.

Sometimes I’m a whale,
singing loud, sad songs.

Sometimes I’m a baby orang utan,
fumbling, stumbling along.

Sometimes I’m an old crocodile,
crusty, rusty, never wrong.

Sometimes I’m a sloth,
as lazy as can be.

A big yawn,
a tired scratch,
flopping about its tree.

Sometimes I’m a shark!
Get in my way… LOOK OUT!

Sometimes I’m a yobbo,
a footyhead fishing for trout!

Sometimes I’m a dinosaur,
a grand, mysterious thing.

Sometimes I’m a blue wren,
listen quietly while I sing.  

Sometimes I’m a pack animal,
running with the mob.

A dingo barking at the moon,
howling through the fog!

Sometimes I’m a chameleon
bending with the crowd.

Sometimes I’m a lyrebird,
colourful, loud and proud!

Sometimes I’m a kookaburra,
laughing like a loon.

Sometimes I’m Jupiter
with 69 whirling, crazy moons.

Each one unique unto itself –

Full of fire, ice,
sand dunes,
spinning all over the place.

Sometimes I’m a cow,
with ideas to milk.

Sometimes I’m a spider,
mean bite and fine silk.

Sometimes I’m an eagle,
up above you all.

Proud and free,
to ride the breeze
and never, ever fall.

Sometimes I’m a walrus,
bathing in the sun.

Most of all, I’m just a kid,
who likes to have a lot of fun!


The End 

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