Day 212: Llama and Dolphin

Llama and Dolphin 
Matt Zurbo

(Young girl walking along sand.)

(Girl standing over book in sand, puzzled.)

The Llama and the Dolphin.
(Girl sitting in sand, reading book.)

Llama was bred for llama shows,
which makes lots of sense.
But Llama got bored,
and jumped the llama fence.

 “There’s little love in there,
besides I want to be free,”
it whispered to a policeman,
on peak hour traffic duty.

Oh brother, what a mess!
Llama beat it out of there.
“Sorry,” it confessed.

 Soon posters were put everywhere;
Have you seen our prise-winning llama?
“There’s more to me than winning!” it huffed.
“I hope you all get bad karma!”

 Hungry, bored, all alone,
the llama befriended a garbo!
“I’ve got no time!” he did whine,
fending it off with his elbow.

 Llama stood on the traffic light,
to see as far as the sea.
“NO, I won’t come down!” it raged.
Until some-one befriends me!”

 Everybody poked and prodded,
other llamas called;
“Come and join us, llama mate,
we’ll have Llama Ball!”

 Llama leapt for freedom,
not wanting the same old thing,
give me something new!” it cried,
or throw me in a bin.”

Down on the old pier it cried,
feeling all alone,
“Cheer up you silly looking goat!”
a voice called in a squeaky tone.

 A dolphin that had lost its pod,
spoke while slowly doing laps.
“We never did anything new,
I’ve no desire to go back.”

 The llama was totally fascinated,
to see something so sleek!
It jumped, it bleated, it farted,
it ran in circles until sick.

 The dolphin it must be said,
was also super impressed.
A strange, willy, geeky creature,
that looked like a woollen vest.

 Best of all, it liked to jump,
just like the dolphin did.
Up and down and below the pier,
they leapt as their hearts bid.

“You can’t do that!” people shouted.
“Llama and dolphin don’t get along.
To not do everything the same,
would be horribly wrong!”

 Soon, they drew a large crowd,
which brought the authorities.
Llama jumped, dolphin braced,
and, ZOOSH, away they slid!
(Llama leaping to back of Dolphin.)

 The llama and the dolphin
were never heard from again.
They both disappeared happy,
free from us and all our pains.

Some say they found an island,
breeding woolly swimming fish-goats,
happy, splashing, jumping,
warding off all tourist boats.

 Who then built two statues,
One for dolphin, one for llama,
as their mum and dad swam on,
to live in the Bahamas!

The End.
(Side image of girl reading book. Llama and Dolphin are reading over her shoulder.)

“What a crazy story!” said Llama.
“I don’t believe a word of it,” squeaked Dolphin.
(Girl jumping/startled, as llama jumps away, with dolphin in bath on its back, both giggling.)

(Girl scratching her head.)


The End.
(Llama and standing on dolphin’s back in sea, both happy.)

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