Day 220: Best

Matt Zurbo


If I loved you, the things we’d do…

we’d stay up and watch the moon.

If I loved you, the things we’d do…

we’d play like a pair of loons.


If I loved you, when I needed to cry…

you’d be the one I chose to run to.

You’d give me your shoulder, you’d give me a sigh,

you’d give me a long hug that soothed.


If I loved you, we’d play together,

imagine all kinds of stuff.

We’d both be fiery grand dragons

that roared and huffed and puffed.


We’d turn a cardboard box

into our own rowboat,

meet mermaids and glowing owls

on our invisible moat,

sail away on a swirling breeze,

reading books and taking notes.  


If I loved you, we’d spend time in the park,

kicking leaves until dark,

sharing hopes and dreams,

of how we’ll one day leave our mark.


If I loved you, we’ observe the smallest things,

watch a lizard for hours, a bird as it sings.

Observe some ants as they chewed a leaf,

admire the texture of an over-ripe peach.


If I loved you, we’d go outside,

just to be in the rain,

we’d jump in puddles, make it a game,

run inside to get warm… then outside again!


If I loved you we’d watch two leaves

racing in a gutter.

And if they floated down a drain,

we’d then find two others.


If I loved you, when it got really cold and wet,

we’d rug up super tight,

not let bad weather stop us,

we’d show wild storms our might!


If I loved you, we’d imagine

what animal we want to be.

You would be a mountain goat,

and I a bumblebee!


If I loved you, when you hurt yourself,

it would be me to sooth your pain.

Or if you were feeling lonely,

I’d hope it was to me you came.


If I loved you, we’d climb a big tree,

just to watch the world.

Kill time talking, telling silly jokes,

while the day uncurled.


If you were my best friend, I’d love you,

in a best friend way.

Nothing much could stop us,

at least that’s what I say.




The End

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