Day 221: I Love You Avalon B. Tickle

I Love You Avalon B. Tickle
Matt Zurbo


I love you Avalon B Tickle.
I love your silly name.
I love the way you skip and jump,
and like to play funny games.
(Cute, slightly gothic girl, with dress that goes to ground and long, lush hair.)

I love you Avalon B,
Especially your long hair,
the way if flows and falls,
is beauty beyond compare.

I love you Avalon B Tickle
the way you’re as quiet as a mouse,
and if something bothers you,
how you’re not afraid to shout!
(Girl’s entire head is a screaming mouth with lots of sharp teeth, shouting at a startled bully.)

(Girl, back to clasping her hands, looking cute. Bully’s feet lay prone at edge of page.)

I love you Avalon B Tickle,
I love your cute little nose.
Even if sometimes,
from it strange things grow.

I love you so much Avalon,
Though I must confess,
I am not so madly in love,
with the creatures under your dress!
(Ghoul creatures poking out from dress.)

I love you Tickle. B, Avalon,
your face is an absolute treat,
even though your breath,
makes me contemplate defeat.
(Girl, cute as she talks to boy, Tiny death skulls coming from her mouth. Flies between them dying.)

I love you Avalon B,
your smile is a delight,
though when your lips part,
it sorta gives me a fright!
(Lots of pointy teeth and centipedes coming out.)

I love you Avalon B. Tickle,
though you have tentacles for feet.
There is a thing or two about you,
that lends me to think about retreat.

I love you Avalon B. Tickle,
even though you’re eating my legs.
That’s what couples do, I guess,
sometimes love turns red.

I love you, I love you, Avalon,
but please stop chewing my arms!
Soon there won’t be enough of me,
to keep one so pretty from harm.

I love you, Tickle-me-do,
but why is my head in a jar?
If that’s your idea of romance,
our love won’t go very far!

I love you Avalon B. Tickle,
though you poo the rest of me out,
my head on a string around your neck,
is no way for a relationship to start.

Okay, Avalon B. Tickle,
I’d put my foot down if I still had one.
Even though I continue to love you,
I’m no longer having such fun.

I love you, Avalon B. Tickle,
now get us out of this mess.
I need a brand new body,
if our love is to be at its best.
(Girl, her mouth overflowing with sharp teeth, surrounded by creepy crawlies, is sewing a gorilla body onto boy’s head.)

No, I don’t want to kiss you, Avalon B.
My face is all I have left.
Can I love you from a distance?
My brain could sure use a rest!
(Girl puckering, mouth full of fangs.)

I love you Avalon B. Tickle,
now please stop chasing me.
Sure, I still think your cute,
but I’m scared of your family!
(Gorilla body, arms out, running away. Boy’s head biting a bird’s foot, which is flying away, too. Avalon is leading family of ghouls, chasing head.)

Alright, then, Avalon B. Tickle,
I’ll love you from my place on the shelf.
But why are you running away,
with the neighbourhood elf!?

No I don’t want to date your sister.
Avalon, how could you be so cruel?
She’s way too big for me,
and has already half crushed the school!
(Boy’s head in the jar, no gorilla body, on ground next to GIANT, hairy legs. School kids crushed under them.)

I love you Avalon B. Tickle,
though, I no longer remember why.
You ate my heart, then let out a fart,
and left me here to cry.
(Girl flipping jar/head up into air/open, teeth-filled mouth.)

What’s that you say, Avalon B. Tickle,
the pettiest girl that’s ever been?
Why, yes, love is indeed, sometimes,
the strangest thing that I’ve ever seen.
(Girl, giving bashful look under rising moon, letting out a little burp, two small love hearts floating above her head.)

The End

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