Day 222: Near and Far

Near and Far
Matt Zurbo


I like the idea of near and far,
they help define who you are.
Take a cloud pretty and nice,
but up close grey and cold as ice!

Then, right here is a koala,
the cutest animal from so far.
Up close it scratches, is full of fees,
and bites and claws at your knees.

Sometimes it works the other way,
a cold day can seem very grey.
But in the mountains, wow, look out!
The view is something to shout about!

Insects, too, can look quite ick,
you shoo them with a broomstick!

But up close, they are divine,
fascinating, all the time!

From a distance the bird sounds sweet,
yet in your roof, you cry; “Defeat!”

Sometimes, running, you feel fast,
as if you are flying past!

Then someone runs faster than you,
you feel slow, and heavy, too.

Then, there’s that kid who seems quite bitter,
but up close, he’s just no quitter!

As friendly a person as you will find,
if you but, take the time!

Jupiter looks like a spinning top,
with wondrous lines of colourful rock.
But up close, it’s made of gas.
You’d pass right through its looking glass.

Same can be said of Saturn’s rings,
a trillion rocks, and icy things.
From a distance they look magic,
but any closer you’d get seasick!

You might walk by a gutter clogged,
with leaves and water proper bogged,
but get the water flowing again,
you’ll race leaves to the end!

Being a rock star seems like fun,
but in their shoes you might just run!

Same with a tough, famous footy player,
up close the pain might make you waiver.

While from a distance that kid over there,
who studies so hard it seems unfair,
that other kids tend to call a square,
if you get close and try to care,
not bothering if others stare,
you’ll find his ideas way out there!

Hours of fun… if you but dare!

I hope this ditty helped a bit,
near and far, what a trick!





The End

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