Day 240: Oh No!

Oh No!
Matt Zurbo


Maggie was a little girl not like the rest.
(Cheeky little girl holding a ragged doll.)

Other kids would laugh when tickled, or told a fart joke.

But the only thing that would amuse Maggie was when you cried; “Ouch!”, or; “Oh, no!”

The list of her tricks was endless.
(Lying in front of two adults who are walking and talking, not looking down.)

(One adult tripping on her, falling to ground. She is grinning.)

“Oh no!”
(Mum carrying food tray. Food and tray flying into air because Maggie has grabbed a corner.)

And it was so hard to tell Maggie off.
(Maggie giving super cute biting lip, innocent look.)

She could be real tricky, too!
(Maggie behind, waving to Dad, who’s head is turning, causing him to bump into door.)

“Oh no!”
(Maggie smiling, pulling bottom block out of tower older kids are building.)

(Simple image of Maggie laughing, surrounded by fallen building blocks.)

(Maggie hitting sleeping Dad’s head with book.)

“OH, NO!”
(Dad and Mum racing to try and stop Maggie who is drawing all over the walls.)

(Parents running after Maggie, who is happily running into traffic.)

“Oh, no!”
(Two kids with water balloons, wet, having fun. Maggie biting one kid’s foot. Kid, startled, tripping, letting go of water balloon which is now about to land on Nan.)

(Gabby, grinning, biting Mum’s finger as Mum wags it at her.)

“Ow, ow, ow…!”
(Maggie, smiling, pulling dog’s hair. Mum and Dad running to stop her again.)

“Oh no!”
(Maggie, one foot up, smugly walking off, not seeing tree root in front of grounded foot.)

(Maggie, tripped on root, landed face first, crying loud.)

(Mum and Dad fretting, hugging, tending to Maggie, who is crying.)

“Don’t be embarrassed, Maggie,” Mum said.
“A little lesson,” agreed Dad.
(We can only see Mum and Dad’s legs as they put Gabby back down again. Her cheeks are red, she is embarrassed.)

“Oh, no!”
(Maggie, innocent face, holding Dad’s now undone shoelace. Dad’s legs falling.)

(Final page. Just text.)

The End

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