Day 241: Swirl

Matt Zurbo


Sometimes Zella wanted to fall.
(Cute girl, waving a cute hello. not watching as her foot nears a ledge.)

Fall for no reason at all.
(Girl, expressionless, falling.)

Through sunsets,
(Girl falling, through cloudy, colourful sunset.)

and farming valleys,
(Girl falling through air above valley, with 100 year old dairy farm in it.)

and midnights.
(Girl falling through starry night with moon and yellow-breasted bats.) 

Sometimes Zella wanted to swirl.
To lift with the wind,
(Girl, as if dancing, hair everywhere, on top of a rock, in swirling wind.) 

rush through leaves,
(Swaying in same motion as leaves on a tree, caught in wind.)

dance in a dancing crowd,
(As described.)

just swirl.

Sometimes Zella wanted to dream.
(Lying on her back in grass, looking up at sky, arms wide.)

Dream big, amazing things,
(Hugging small tree on a plain while looking at an amazing castle.)

of love and adventure,
(On a life raft, octopus tentacles and flying fish all around, watching a mermaid leap from water, through the air, and merman leaping the other way, both romantically touching fingers as they pass.) 

and tea parties in the air!
(A blanket on a floating piece of earth, tea party with rabbit and stork.)

Just fall, and swirl and dream!
(Back to her falling, with wind in her hair, and falling rabbit.)

Sometimes Zella wanted to cry.

Cry with storms,

Or lonely dingo calls. 

For things she saw, for things she imagined, for no reason at all. 
(Sitting in beautiful field, hugging herself, unhappy.)

Sometimes Zella wanted to hug.
(Eyes closed, happy, hugging Dad’s neck tight!)

Her Mum and Dad, a possum, a tree.
(Hugging a startled possum.) 

A monster’s leg, a bug in a rug.
(Hugging the leg of a monster so big we can’t see anything else of it.) 

The first person she saw, for no reason at all!
(Hugging a frail old lady.)

Sometimes Zella wanted to sing.

Sing beautiful, strange, magical things. 
(Singing in dark to dragon and fairies.)  

Sing in the rain, sing on a plain,
(Singing in the rain.)

put her heart in her throat and let its feelings float,
(Singing while lying on her back, her hair in stream’s water.)

up through drains, to sooth those in pain,

to make kids in the park happy again.

For no reason at all.
(Sitting on a bench, singing.)

Just sing, sing, as if she were a prehistoric thing.
(Singing, fingers clawed, lightening striking, waves crashing.)

Sometimes Zella wanted to jump. 
(Girl jumping in playground, while all other kids are just standing around.)

Wanted to laugh.
(Girl laughing with a laughing orangutan family.) 

Wanted to hide. 
(Moping. sitting on ground behind tombstone.) 

Wanted to explain why she loved being alive. 
(Talking happily to postman.)

(Girl standing, like at start.)

(Looking at ordinary balloon descending towards her.)

(Grabbing string on balloon.)

(Smiling, waving to reader cutely, like at start. as balloon lifts her into air.)

(Nothing but her feet/shoes can be seen, at very top of page.)


The End


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