Day 252: Spring, Boing, Boink.

Spring, Boing, Boink
Matt Zurbo

(Yesterday I did a similar theme of a boy with springs for legs. Sometimes one idea can lead to two stories. There is nothing wrong with trying things.)


Cooper O’Donoghue was sick of crowds.
(Likeable ratbag, looking up, surlily at emotionless peak-hour crowd.)

Then, one day, he found truck suspension springs!
(Finding springs in garbage outside mechanic’s)

Oh boy!
(Sitting on ground, pulling springs over feet/up to shins.)

This was good…
(Boy springing into the air, with a zing!)

At first Cooper thought he’d fight crime!
(Jumping above startled robbers.)

Not such a good idea!
(Boy hanging upside down by his springs on a street sign, pockets inside out/empty. Empty wallet on the ground beneath him, thieves running away.)

Still, at least he was still free from the crowd.
(Boy bouncing, greeting startled seagull.)

(Boy smiling, bouncing so high he has to reach down to take a mark over the pack in Aussie Rules footy.)

(Boy bouncing up, off hot air balloons.)

(Boy bouncing through storm cloud, storm god inside it making thunder.)

(Boy bouncing up off back of eagle, tongue out, reaching for pale moon.)

(Boy, in air, startled, big STOP sign on long stick in front of him.)

“Nothing can stop me!”
(Bouncing away, as net falls on him.)

“Bouncing permit fees,” the Man said.
“Landing permit fees,” the Man said.
“Air tax!”
“Spring tax!”
“Fun licence!”
(Boy held above ground in net, by police officer while bureaucrat reads from list with hand out for money.)

“I chased the wrong crooks!” protested Cooper O’Donoghue.
(Boy bouncing out of net into air, snapping its rope.)

Soon, the authorities realised there was only one way to stop Cooper…
(Three police on springs bouncing after bouncing boy.)

“Wait, what about your bouncing permit fees, and spring tax?” Cooper wailed. “I demand to see your fun licence!”
(Boy wrapping himself around helicopter landing gear, shouting down to baffled police.)

“And what about you!?” Cooper shouted.
“Oh, we’re allowed to sproing, tut, tut. We’re rich, after all,” said the hoity toities.
(Boy bouncing, but shocked/startled, as rich people, and their rich poodle, also bouncing through air around him. There are also fancy couches on springs, and side tables with dips on springs, in the air.)

“And you!?”
“We have a tour permit. Tourism is important to the economy!” said the Spring Guide.(Cluster of tourists jumping, taking photos, throwing up, leaving rubbish in air, etc… Boy, annoyed, watching them while wrapped around top of flag pole.)

“Our company’s employees have…”
“Whatever,” grumbled Cooper.
(Time and motion man, ridged with clipboard and glasses, springing, behind him typical office staff are drinking, eating, arms and legs everywhere, like learners, lampshades on heads, etc…)

“Hey, check out our turbo charged booster springs!”
“I’ve got the latest fashion in springs!”
“Whoop! Whoop!”
(Young, fit boys and girls in designer springs and accessories charging into the sky, dollar notes everywhere. Boy is in bottom of frame, watching them shoot over him.)

(Boy in middle of very crowded sky. Everybody bouncing and arguing, and paying fees and fines.)

(Image of street, empty.)

(Boy climbing down from street sign, springs still on.)

(Boy tossing springs over shoulder as he steps on a small opti – one person sailing boat.)

All Cooper O’Donoghue every really wanted was to do fun stuff on his own!
(Boy sailing big smile on face, up off good waves, as if it was a ramp, shark fins in water beneath him.)

It was more adventurous that way.
(Parting image from back of boat, as boy sails through octopus tentacles and sea birds, and pirate ship in the background.)

The End



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