Day 253: Storm In a Cup

Storm In a Cup
Matt Zurbo

A storm is brewing in my cup.
(Kid, looking startled into his mug. Storm can be seen brewing through windows behind him.)

My cup with hot chocolate, of course.
(Cup, with small storm cloud, and burst of light around it.)

The storm started small, now, look out!
(Kid, chin on table, watching storm brewing in mug, tiny ducks are leaving mug.)
I better drink it quick!

A storm is brewing, in my cup,
add some sugar to make it sweet!
(Kid putting spoon of sugar into mug. Outside window, bolder sized clumps of sugar falling, people screaming, running.)

A sweet storm? What a treat!
(Kid, smiling as he smells mug, outside, people hugging/eating huge sugar grains.)
Both scary and kind of neat!
Brewing in my cup, before I go to sleep.

A storm in my cup? First let me add some milk.
(Kid pouring milk into cup. Outside, startled cows falling with the rain.)
Everything goes better with milk!

Hey, look!
There’s a man, in the storm, brewing in my cup!
(Boy walking, holding mug close, tiny storm god, hammering lightening bolts, in clouds over mug. Out of window, everybody running from lightening bolts.)
He’s making lightening.

Stop that!
(Boy pointing to mug. Outside window, giant finger is pointing at storm god, everybody is running.)
Why? Because it makes my drink too hot!

(Kid blowing top of mug. Outside, giant lips are blowing, storm god and people away.)

Hey, look, now there’s Vikings, helping the lightening god, in the brewing storm, in my cup!
(Vikings in Viking ship, holding onto lightening god in hard winds.)

This is some cup!
(Boy admiring cup.)

The hot chocolate has settled. Better give it a stir, I think!
(Close up of mug, with teaspoon in it, stirring, hot chocolate waves, Viking ship/Vikings, ducks, storm god, all being tossed about. Octopi clammering out.)

Maybe if I dip my biscuit it won’t be so hot!
(Boy dipping biscuit into mug. Outside window, giant biscuit appearing from storm, dipping into hot chocolate flood, causing waves amongst Vikings, storm god, ducks, octopi, and mermaids.)

Hey, now I don’t man to cause a fuss!

I didn’t put you in my cup!
(Boy tilting head back, drinking from mug.)

(Ducks falling with chocolate water.)

t(Storm God falling with chocolate water.)

(Vikings and octopi falling with chocolate water, wind surfer in background falling, too.)
(Mermaids, plus a lifesaver, and a big fish, falling with chocolate water.)

(Giant mouth in window, swallowing the storm.)

(Octopus and mermaid coming out of small gap in boy’s mouth when he burps.)

Oh, great!
(Small, black storm, with lightening, appearing above boy’s head.)

All I wanted was a drink.
(Boy walking away from reader, shoulders slumped, mug in hand, own personal storm cloud over his head.)_
Of some hot chocolate because it’s sweet.

Okay, I admit defeat!  
(Boy throwing up all characters mentioned.)

The End
(“The End” letters on table, next to empty mug, storm brewing over them. Viking climbing out of empty mug.)

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