Day 258: Ten Rabbits

Ten Rabbits
Matt Zurbo


(Little girl, dressed as a magician, walking into frame. No background.)

Sally was a great magician,
the best, or so she said!
(Girl holding arms out, wand in hand.)
“Watch me pull a rabbit
from the hat on my head!”

We were all impressed,
with the goat that came out!
Sally did loudly shout!

Pop! Out crawled two goannas,
straight from the Outback!
“What lousy luck!”
Sally shook her hat!

“Three RABBITS!” Sally commanded,
with an angry face.
Instead, three hairy wombats,
ran about the place.

“Right! That’s it! Four Rabbits!”
Sally rudely barked.
She waved her magic wand,
producing four emu farts!

“Gah! Five little rabbits!
From my hat, if you please!”
Nope, five Dingos!
Howling in the breeze!

(Sally, fuming, surrounded by said animals.)

“Okay, okay, watch this!
SIX rabbits, what a trick!”
Only brought six eagles,
eating rabbit bits!

“My magic is the best!
PRESTO! Seven rabbits on a log!”
Sorry, would you settle,
for seven dancing frogs?

Next, magic cards and ropes,
flying all about,
Sally demanded EIGHT rabbits!
But got eight rowdy louts!
(Eight people of eight nationalities, arms over shoulders, eating, carrying on around a bbq, two in front playing backyard cricket.)

“Now I’m angry!” Sally raged.
“Nine rabbits! Abracadabra!”
“No! Shoo off, you nine penguins!”
“And take your weather with ya!”
(Sally trying to herd off nine penguins, while leaning into fierce wind.)

Finally, Sally, growled…
rolled up sleeves…
gritted teeth…
mustered all her magic…

“TEN RABBITS!” she commanded!
And, BOOF…!
Ten crocodiles appeared,
causing lots of panic!

What a din! What a mess!
Suddenly, the stage felt quite crowded!
The best magician in the world
worried about what she’d started!
(Sally looking very nervous.)

The ten crocodiles went snap, as nine penguins fled, and eight best mates, tucked in their noisy heads, and seven dancing frogs took to punk instead.
(Double page spread. Said animals and their numbers everywhere.)

Six eagles swooped on five dingos, running from four huge emu farts,
(Another double page spread, said animals and numbers everywhere.)

Three wombats doing square poos, while two goannas just laughed and laughed,
(Another double page spread, Sally on side slapping her forehead, kookaburras flying out of her hat. Goat behind her, eyeing her off.)

And, eleven rabbits giggled,
out of Sally’s vest pockets,

as one tired old goat,
chased Sally like a rocket!
(No background, just Sally running into distance, chased by goat, a few random white cockies flying, and a platypus falling, from her hat.)




The End.

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