Day 267: Spiralling Moon

Spiralling Moon
Matt Zurbo


Every child is born with a love of something.
(Rocket ships, dinosaurs, unicorns, gardens.)

Isobelle Moon was born with a love of patterns.
(Isobelle standing in front of a wall tapestry.)

At first, she saw patterns other people didn’t.
(In leaves on the ground.)

(Standing in puddle, sad, tear falling, forming a pattern of ripples, girls out of puddle teasing.)

But Isobelle Moon still wished there were more patterns in life.
(Isobelle, watching busy street, peek hour commuters, traffic, no patterns.)

Then, one winter’s day, she climbed her tree house…
(Isobelle in tree house, looking down at pattern of roots.)
and looked down at the roots.

From then on, Isobelle Moon also had a love of flying.
(Isobelle studying hard.)

(Isobelle making a raggedy solar powered hot air balloon.)

From which…
(Isobelle getting ready to fly, people circling her, watching.)

she saw patterns everywhere…!
(Isobelle looking down, the circle has a round centre and spiralling fringe.)

(Small kid eating fish and chips. Isobelle and rising balloon in background.)

(Isobelle above kid, seagulls, from that angle, spiralling around him, and other tourists, forming a pattern.)

(Sea bird diving past Isobelle and balloon. Others following, just entering frame.)

(Sea birds under water, catching fish, forming a pattern of angled, bubbly lines.)

(View from above of pattern of water plumes as birds drop.)

(Isobelle and balloon above pattern of treetops.)

(Isobelle flying at night, under the full moon, which is being circled by moths and bats. Away from the moon is the pattern of the Milky Way.)

And when Isobelle Moon’s family went camping…
(Isobelle, on ground, watching footprint patterns from a wombat burrow, we can see a spread to mother and baby wombats eating at edges of image/page.)

(Dusk. Isobelle watching the spiralling patterns of smoke rising as Mum and Dad light the fire.)

(Isobelle rising, carried by balloon, next to her is the central flume of fire flames, surrounded by spiralling sparks, in background, other flumes, with spiralling sparks, from other campers.)

oh my…
(Isobelle looking down on fire, family around it, clearing around them, surrounded by bush, surrounded by clouds.)

Patterns were everywhere!
(Isobelle looking down on cloud patterns on earth.)

(Earth as seen in Isobelle’s eye. She is smiling.)

After that,
(Day. Isobelle flying through sky, we can see patterns of wind.)

a life of patterns  
(Isobelle and other kids dancing in patterns, individual and group, around kid with music coming from his beatbox.)

for Isobelle Moon
(From above we see Isobelle, head to sky, throwing flowers and petals in air, a pattern of flowers and petals on the ground around her.)

was never in doubt!
(Isobelle balloon behind her, covered in a fire-inspired quilt, as she makes clothes and paints with patterns inspired by this story.)

(Isobelle, in her balloon, which has patterns under its solar panels, in a pattern dress, with cloud patterns behind them.)


The End

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