Day 268: Pizza

Matt Zurbo

(Boy and girl lying in long grass, looking at sky, no text.

“If you could make a pizza, what sort would it be?” asked Matilda.
“I dunno… Well, I guess it would be not just any pizza…” said Ewan.
(Boy standing, pointing finger in the air, girl propped up on her elbows, watching him.)

It would have a footy oval for a tray….
I’d call; “Could you all make way for my pizza!”
(Boy with megaphone, shouting to kids playing footy.)

A giant would make the dough…
(Boy and girl sitting on happy giant’s head as it sits on oval, needing house-sized wad of dough, with footballer or two stuck in mix.)

For sauce I’d grow 5,000 tomatoes!
(Boy and girl and family picking tomatoes from ground and surrounding them in hanging baskets.)

And have 1,000 Italian mothers help me cook it!
(As described.)

We’d deliver it in a container ship…
(Ship pouring sauce from hull into big crane funnel, that is pouring it, sloppily, into truck, while girl and boy act like foremen.)

And spread it with concrete crews.
(As described.)

We’d put on vegetables our Mum grew.
(Boy in excavator/crane, with huge scoop of giant vegies. Girl pushing giant mushrooms with a bulldozer.)

Roll on olives!
(Push on huge, 4ft olives)

Have a meatball fight!
(Boy and girl and other kids on pizza, throwing meatballs at each other.)

Add salami…
(Close-up of boy and girl, surrounded by flying slices of salami being thrown by ninjas. One piece hitting wincing boy in side of head.)

Put on 50 different types of cheese!
(All sorts of planes, from hang-gliders, to box kits, to weird homemade flying contraptions, to hot air balloons, each one dropping pieces of a different type of cheese.)

(Dancing, jumping monkeys, dropping bananas)

“Can it have chocolate?” asked Matilda.
“Of course!” cheered Ewan.
(Girl, happy, asking boy, boy looking into space with excitement.)

Lots of chocolate!
(Bigger crane operated by boy, dropping chocolate onto pizza, girl being foreman.)

And candles!
(Various kids, including boy and girl, being held over pizza by ropes, placing candles on pizza.)

To cook it we’d wait for a sunny day…
(Dinosaur holding giant magnifying glass over the pizza on a hot day.)

Then we’d get polar bears to put the ice-cream on top…
(Boy, eyes wide, smiling, looking up, hands out, visualising. Girl, biting tongue with concentration ticking off ling pizza list.)

Then we’d use a caravan to share it!
(Pizza caravan with kids on top on deck chairs, Dad in van serving slices, carpark full of surfies, and roller derby girls and kids and animals, buskers playing, everybody eating pizza.)

“Wow!” said Matilda. “That’s SOME pizza!”
(Girl excited. Boy, sitting back in grass with content smile.)

(White page, no image.)
“I’d have a Hawaiian.”



The End.




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