Day 269: A Journey Flawless, Benny Lawless

A Journey Flawless, Benny Lawless
Matt Zurbo


Benny B Lawless has a problem
with getting here-to-there.
He doesn’t want to go,
in a way that’s square.
(Kid, hands on hips, looking out a door.)

First, why not try building blocks,
to make a kind of bridge?
And if they fall in a heap, 
still be glad you did.

Hey-ho, Benny, go, go, go!
First, you build them high!
Then, as they start to lean,
you timber through the sky!
(Falling sideways as tower of blocks fall.)

Cardboard wings, are they a thing?
Tell me, Benny B.
You may look like a bird,
but watch out for that tree!

Leapfrog, Mr Lawless,
what a way to go!
That is, of course, unless,
your leaping over a hippo.

A piggyback from a gorilla,
riding a plastic horse,
may not get you anywhere,
except laughed at, of course.

Hang on Ben, don’t give up!
Why you’ve barely started!
How about a waz-a-matoo,
that goes each time you’ve farted?

Or a motorised pogo stick,
or even a spare tire!
Run, run, run, Benny B!
Bolt as if from a fire!

Try building a human bridge,
using all your mates!
But then make them a bbq,
and load up all their plates!

Charge, I say! Charge again!
Full steam straight ahead!
Maybe the best way to do that,
is with wheels on your bed!
(Dressed as medieval knight, with lance, riding his bed.)

Or maybe a billycart!
What say you, Benny B?
Exhausts high, flames on the side,
cruising by the sea.
(Hotrod billycart, pulled by giant crab.)

Whoosh, little Lawless!
On rocket powered skates!
Oh no, cover your head,
while bursting through gates!

Or, even a parachute!
How exiting could be that!?
Drifting on the breeze,
with a flock of quacks!

I still say building things,
is the way to go!
A moped, with fish-tanks,
riding to-and-fro.

A machine with gears and cogs,
to tunnel, tunnel, tunnel,
while being chased by dogs,
down a deep dark funnel!

You could always travel,
with Sammy on the drums,
both of you on stilts,
solving big maths sums.

Or, Benny B Lawless,
you could simply walk,
smelling flowers as you went,
greeting different sorts.

Try simply moving forward,
into thrown cream pies!
Or being like a ninja,
softly sneaking by.

The possibilities are endless,
for what you want to do;
finding the most fun way,
to get from Point 1 to Point 2.

Maybe you could be in a band,
carried by a rowdy crowd!
The more you sing, the more they sling!
So belt it out loud and proud!

A costume never hurt, either.
What say you Benjamin?
Stomping as if a pirate,
clucking like a big hen!

Then again, my friend Ben,
you could ride a mountain bike,
upside down, playing a guitar,
while flying a dragon kite!

I guess now the time has come,
Benny B Lawless, old son!
Be on your way, in your own way,
and, please, make it lots of fun!  
(Boot kicking Benny out of door.)



The End

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