Day 275: Fob Counts to Ten

Fob Counts to Ten
Matt Zurbo

(Fob is a monster, with lots of teeth. Beyond that, I think it is important for the artist to decide what Fob looks like.)

This is Fob.


Fob likes to eat.
(Fob with apron, wide eyes, knife and fork.)

Fob ate ONE chicken!
(Fob, mouth stretched super large, useless knife and fork still in hand. Chicken startled, in mouth’s shadow.)

Frob ate TWO fire hydrants…
(Fob, knife and fork in one hand, tossing fire hydrants up into wide open mouth.)

Fob ate THREE little boys!
(Open mouth descending on three boys in its shadow.)

Fob at FOUR little girls.
(Fob, mouth wide, chasing girls who are running in a row away from Fob. Fob’s knife and fork are now on the ground beside Fob.)

Fob ate FIVE other monsters.
(Four huge monster skeletons, and one monster, much bigger than Fob, but on knees, pleading, as Fob approaches with knife and fork.)

(Fob stopping to daintily sip some tea, pinky finger in the air.)

Fob ate SIX eagles!
(Six eagles. Middle on has tongue from below rapped around it. Others looking at middle eagle, startled.)

Fob ate SEVEN parents!
(Fob in hole in ground, mouth facing up, impossibly wide, as seven adults run looking over their shoulders, not seeing they are falling into the hole.)   

Fob ate EIGHT flies…
(Fob with a straw, sucking in eight flies.)

Fob ate NINE flowers!
(Fob eating a row of nine big flowers. Old lady behind Fob, hitting fob with a broom.)

Fob ate TEN dinosaurs!
(Fob, mouth open, running on left of page. All dinosaurs, many bigger than Fob, but all terrified, running off the right of page.)

Fob ate one puppy, two giraffes, a shrub, 6 goldfish, three chocolate cakes, a skyscraper building, two bullies, the moon… and the planets!
(Double page, all these things lined up. Fob ticking list, standing next to moon with mouth full, bite out of moon.)

(Fob looking a bit baffled. Standing in middle of nothing.)

(Close-up of Fob, looking cross-eyed, at chicken feather falling toward Fob’s nose.)

(Double page spread, of Fob, on the very left, feather on nose, doing a massive sneeze. Rest of both pages has everything he ate, plus container ship, man on deck chair with umbrella, gorilla, Sydney Opera House, etc… tumbling out of Fob’s mouth.)

(Fob, on back, arms wide, sleeping, snoring, as everybody, still covered in monster slobber, runs or tip-toes away.)


The End.
(Fob munching on the words The End.)  


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