Day 276: Zombie Love Ghoul

Zombie Love Ghoul
Matt Zurbo


Zoot be zombie,
like eat head.
You meet Zoot,
you be dead.

Zoot like munch,
on kid brain.
Zoot not care,
if that pain.

Zoot do care,
how Zoot look.
Zombie style,
Zoot wear suit!

Other zombies say
Zoot no good.
Dress real nice?
No zombie should!

Then Zoot see,
ghoul girl dance,
in tutu.
Zoot in trance!

Ghoul in tutu,
say: “Oog ugg!”
Ghoulie for:
“No want hug!”

Zoot try harder,
to impress,
wear octopus,
as zombie vest.

Tutu ghoul,
STILL no like!
Zoot wear wig,
made of mice.

Zoot then wear,
six mean snake,
as hansom tie,
for tutu’s sake.

“Ook, guck, grr…”
Zoot insist.
Voodoo drums;
“Dance please, Miss?”

Zoot do twist,
while cook kids,
for ghoul stew.

Zoot try dress
as zombie king,
Zoot even do,
zombie sing!
(Zombie dressed as king with silly, super long robe, bats flying out of zombie mouth as it sings, into hair of ghoul.)

Other zombies grunt:
“That enough!”
Zoot eat them,
and ghouls for lunch.

STILL no luck,
Zoot feel fool!
Zoot offer heart,
to tutu ghoul.

“Rotting flesh!
“What more can do?”
Zoot do shout,
at tutu.

“Just one thing,”
tutu ghoul say.
(Ghoul, mouth impossibly big, about to swallow startled Zoot.)

Ghouls love in,
different way.
(Ghoul all alone, melancholy smile, small love heart over head.)



The End




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