Day 277: Love is Love

Love is Love
Matt Zurbo


Maggie one day decided she was in love.
(Small girl, happy, clasping own hands.)

She just wasn’t sure with what?
(Hands still clasped, but confused look, on busy street.)

She loved birds.
(Looking up at all sorts of birds.)

She loved bird song.
(Blue-breasted wren on her finger, singing, her smiling face filling background.)

Maggie loved being alive!
(Girl skipping/jumping with joy. Other people looking at her as if she’s strange.)

She loved the idea monsters might be real…
(In miner’s hat, with torch on head, looking under bed. Not noticing monster is standing right behind her, looking puzzled.)

Because that meant unicorns might be real, too.
(Winged unicorn/Pegasus looking tall and proud, deep in bush. Little Maggie standing in front of it, her hands clutched in front of her even tighter, love hearts everywhere!)

And fairies!
(Night. Lying on tree branch, talking to fairies.)

And storm gods!
(Very small on dark, rain-swept beach, unseen behind her, Greek mythology Thor is giant, shouting, throwing lightening, filling the black storm cloud.)

Maggie loved flowers.
(Walking happily down street, sniffing a flower. The fences behind her are a wall of roses and other flowers. Bee or two buzzing about her.)

And smelling fresh cooked bread! And the drive-in, and her family, and elephants and pizza and mice, pogo sticks, the circus, gypsies, and doing nothing… just dreaming…
(Everything in background. Maggie in front of it all, lying in the grass, looking at the sky.)

Of course, this made the meanies very unhappy…
(Shadows with eyes, rising from nooks and crannies. Maggie in the background.)

(Big, weird, menacing creatures looming over/around Maggie, blotting out the light.)

“What do you have to be so glad about?” they growled.
“Oh…” Magie gasped. “Um…”

(One of them bending to leer in Maggie’s face. Maggie unmoved.)

“Everything?” she whispered.
(Maggie’s face, awash with realisation.)

“That’s it! What I’m most in love with…” Maggie cried. “EVERYTHING!”
(Throwing petals in the air, a few of said characters, including one meanie, watching from sides with smiles.)

Sure, sometimes, things could be hard.
(Maggie, head down, being rained on by one cloud.)

But when you love everything, good times are never far away…
(Close up of Maggie, soaking wet in rain, head still lowered, but we can make out big grin, as she is holding pot with sunflower, thriving on the rain.)



The End

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