Day 283: Samantha Has the Sun in Her Pocket

Samantha Has the Sun in Her Pocket
Matt Zurbo


(Small girl with pigtails, white background, looking at the reader.)

(Back of girl as she is facing big lightening storm.)

Bluey rides lightening bolts.
Everywhere he goes he makes dramatic landings.
(Boy, being bucked off lightening bold hitting the ground.)

Samantha has the sun in her pocket.
She rolls it out on grey days,
and agues with people who like stormy weather.
(Girl in lawn bowls motion, sun burning through storm. Her head is turning to argue with couple in jumpers, jackets and scarves. Main girl is watching from a distance.)

I once knew a wombat who would ride around in an old, wooden apple box.
he didn’t think he was doing anything different,
he just liked to explore.
(Wombat in wooden box, rowing through sky, surrounded by stars. Girl sitting in box, too.)

Isobelle rides a penny farthing.
So good!
(Girl on penny farthing. Main girl sitting behind her, arms around her waist, both laughing/smiling.)

There’s a dragon in the hills with windows in its side.
Its name is Ixo
Ixo acts like a bus for the local villages.
And in return they feed it milk.
(Dragon flying, with submarine portals along its side, and a door. Girl in one of their windows, village commuters waiting at bus stop under it. Other villagers catapulting two cows into its mouth.)

Lucy only ever hears music.
She only communicates through dance.

That’s why I love talking to her.
(Girl serious expression, hand in air above head, hair everywhere. Main girl in front of her, dancing, but watching, too.)

Jack insists he’s a small giant.
(Girl next to defiant boy poking his own chest with thumb.)

“If you mess with me,” he says, to the bullies. “My big brothers will get ya!”
(Bullies surrounding boy, laughing. Behind them are hairy legs of giants.)

Petro is so quick he can outrun a fart!
Even his own!
(Boy running super quick, series of farts behind him, each one there is a sonic boom. Is passing girl, who is being tilted by his slipstream.)

Ethan ate the Earth.
According to him we’re all in his belly!
(Girl next to boy with giant mouth consuming the planet.)

Louise once jumped through the desert.
(Beautiful desert scape, girl jumping along it.)

Zelko made a tree house, in a pretty special tree.
(Tree on floating piece of earth, above a jetty, rope dangling down, mooring it. Main girl in tree house. Boy jumping into water, happy.)

Matilda has the ability to listen to worms.
(Girl with ear to ground.)
All of them. Around the world.

This doesn’t seem like much until you realise worms eat the dead.
(Girl with ear to ground. Skeletons in earth under her, dancing.) 

Lars is a Viking who got lost.
(Boy Viking, shouting, stick in air, as he boldly stands on playground ride.)

Kooka’s laugh carries down every Outback road.
I like to listen sometimes.
(Girl lounging in deckchair, in desert, sunnies on, under umbrella, holding old, curling /megaphone to ear to better hear, kangaroos and emus milling about.)

Pepper likes to wear Saturn’s rings. Ali is often orbited by Neptune’s moons.
(Irish girl with huge rings around her, next to dark skinned boy with 30 moons orbiting him.)

When Pepper, Ali and I play chasey with Samantha, Bluey and Ixo it’s a sight to behold!
(Double page spread of most of characters playing chasey, including main girl.)

I collect weird people and creatures.
(Back of girl as she watches main characters, plus others. A large lady juggling fish, a super tall, skinny man with puppets, a boy in the sky, holding onto/swinging by the tip of the moon, a goanna in cricket clothes.)

The lost, the brave, the different.
(Girl walking left to right in front of these characters.)

Anyone with an imagination!
(Girl, slight grin, as she walks towards reader. Behind her is a group of kids, all animated, hands in air, arms out wide, crouched, laughing, snarling, singing, juggling fish, etc…)

Anyone who likes someone with an imagination.
Or inspires it!
Anyone at all…
(View of girl from behind, white background, as she walks away.)





The End.

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