Day 284: Book in the Sky

Book in the Sky
Matt Zurbo

(Thomy sitting on floor, reading book.)

(Thomy walking, but lost in reading book, Mish and Mash, with two monsters on the cover, surrounded by kids playing with toys.

(Walking past television while reading book. People watching the television are shouting at him.)

(Eyes wide with delight while reading a big book in his bed. Other books on end of bed and floor, but most under his bed.)

(Thomy squatting to cram another book under his bed. There are already many there.

(Books under bed are stacked so high, the bed is five feet in the air.) 

(Thomy looking up, as stack of books is taller than the page.)

(Thomy sitting in bed, reading book, tower/stack of books beneath them. Nothing but blue sky around him, and maybe a bird or two.)

(Thomy clinging to book tower, half way up, grimacing one eye open, looking above him as he pulls out book in front of him, worried the others will fall.)

(Thomy in bed in sky, book in hand, as 6ft hairy monster climbs tower of books to edge of bed. One of the same monsters as on cover of Mish and Mash book.)

(Thomy sitting up in bed, reading with a smile, Mish sitting on bed edge, legs dangling over side, also reading a book. Second hairy monster from book, Mash, climbing into view.)

(Various fantasy characters climbing tower of books while Thomy, Mish and Mash jump up and down in bed at top.)

(Thomy and Mish and Mash on bed, other characters on tower, or flying, as they all fend of a ginormous Terredaycl.)

(Mish fist in air, cheering as prehistoric bird leave. Thomy noticing Mash is sitting writing into book with hand written title; Mish and Mash Monster Bash.)

(Girl, Lucy, with her own bed on a tower/stack of books in the sky. She is surrounded by her two friends, a small dragon and a whale with very small cherub wings. She is looking over a large distance, at Thomy on his tower with his ‘friends’.)

(Lucy and Thomy in respective beds in sky, communicating using two cans on a string, looking at books while talking. In background is a very tall trunk, topped by a tree house in the sky, with other kid reading books piled up in tree house.)

(Thomy hanging onto edge of bed, while eagles pull at his feet. Mish and Mash trying to pull him back onto bed.)

(Thomy and Lucy’s towers looking very small. We see them from behind as they face the huge, approaching black storm.)

(Wind blowing hard, books flying through the air. Mish and Thomy just hanging on. Thomy is noticing that Mash is clam, smiling in the rain, notepad and pen in hand.)

(Thomy and Mash lying passed out on his now wonky bed, and wobbly tower of books. Mish still hanging on to edge to stop from falling. Sun is out, books are drying.)

(Lucy passed out on top of her column of books, bed blown away. Whale upside down against base of tower. Puddles on ground, as well as a book or two.)

(Thomy’s tower of books and bed on foreground, Lucy’s in background. Both have a policeman drifting up with balloon tied to waist. The policemen are pointing sternly to the ground.)

(Thomy climbing down his stack, Lucy smiling, throwing her books everywhere.)

(Kids looking up as books rain down on them.)

(Thomy watching, sad, as his big tower of books is being dismantled into 5-6ft high stacks of books by parents.)

(Thomy pouting, red cheeks, tears, watching people gathering around various 6ft high pillars of books his parents have stacked for a garage sale. Garage Sale sign in front.)

(Thomy walking, miserable, head bowed, Mish behind him, doing the same. Whale can just be seen flying off into sky.)

(Mash opening cover of huge book left on ground. Fro insdie, as if it is over a hole in the ground, or tunnel, arms/hands of medieval knights holding swords and maces can be seen. The cover is the same as the one he was drawing. Mish lighting up, running towards it with surprise and joy. Thomy standing, watching, unsure.)

(Mash holding cover, book now 2/3rds shut, while standing in it. He is low down, as if his feet are on a step in the book. Mash is handing notebook and pen to Thomy. Mish can only be seen from the shoulders, as he descends into the book, very happy, eyes wide, aggressive stance, into battle with medieval knights.)

(From above, we can see Thomy looking down on book cover, grass and flower already starting to grow over it. Its title, poorly written, is Mish and Mash Adventure Bash.)

(Thomy standing in grass, looking at notebook and pen in hand.)

(Thomy, lying on belly in grass, drawing in notebook, with lots of clouds and sky above him. Clouds are shaped like characters from book.)



The End





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