Day 289: Dance Like the Wind

Dance Like the Wind
Matt Zurbo

(Art direction can be tricky. You don’t want to stifle an artist’s imagination. Yet some actions need explaining if you are to use as little text as possible. Then, occasionally, there are stories where you simply want the artist to illustrate entirely as they see fit. Let their imagination roam. This is one of those…) 

If I could, I’d dance like the wind…

I’d let my arms and legs and hair go, easy, on the breeze…

Then I’d surge!



Before dancing easy again.

If I could dance like the wind, I’d bring hard rain,


desert winds, that dried the cold.

I would run through leaves,

carry pollen,

raise waves…

Oh, oh, I’d swirl!

People might laugh at me,

but birds would know…

so would trees…

and scarecrows.

I’d paint myself dancing onto a kite,

and fly it at night, 

just to dance with the moon.

If you danced in on a breeze, I might, might, might

just fall in love with you.

If I could dance like the wind, I’d dance so much

my friends would only notice

the rare times I was still.



The End

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