Day 290: Storm and Sunshine

Storm and Sunshine
Matt Zurbo

One day lonely Sally

decided she was a storm.

That she’d thunder and wail,
from the break of dawn.

These bold decisions,
don’t happen every day.

The bullying, the teasing,
tend to have some sway.

“A storm it is!” Sally rumbled,
as her confidence grew…

The sky turned dark,
the air got thick,

clouds began to brew!

“BOOM!” she shouted! “BOOM!”

“Look out here I come!
You better watch your back!”

At first the bullies laughed,
“You’re just dancing in the rain!”

And, oh, oh, oh, that laughter
brought Sally so much pain!

She raised her hands…

She heaved and puffed…

She began to glare…

Chaos reigned…

Then, in the distance,
a small boy appeared.

Daniel P Floose,
who was also feared.

A happy kid, with big heart,
who thought he was the sun;

warming, burning, drying out
every thing and one.

“Yeah, sure, I’m happy,” he said,
right up in your face.

”Having such a ball,
most tend to leave my space.”

“Well, I’m staying putt!”
Sally stiffened her lip,

as water met fire,
when storm and sunshine hit!

Steam billowed, hissed and fizzled,
the wind blew EVERYWHERE!

People in the street,
all ducking here and there!

“They bullied me! What would you know!?”
Sally raged and roared,

as clouds rose, and flames died,
hail taking heat to sword.

But Daniel P Floose,
was also quiet tough.

He leaned into Sally’s gale,
shouting his own stuff.

“Hey, what makes you think,
that you’re so unique?”

“I got bullied day and night,
was lonely beyond belief!”

“But I chose to smile!
To give, like the sun.”

“So that everything that’s mean,
would be on the run…”

Water and heat meet,
as if creation had begun,

and WOW, as they met,
nature was redone!

Water fed all the plants,
the sun then made them grow,

green was everywhere,
as seeds began to sew.

And when the clouds cleared,
as the steam finally eased,

stormy girl and fiery boy
were seen shooting the breeze.

They held hands, and made plans,
to do all sorts of silly stuff,

like walk into the desert,
and argue until it was lush.

To debate up and down the streets,
until they were filled with life!

Vines, flowers, swaying trees,
and happiness oh so rife!

Maybe they’d even fight
in a submarine,

then steer it to a wasteland,
like a weapon of green.

The bullies and the meanies,
had to admit defeat.

The boy that they picked on,
had planets spinning head to feet.

The girl that they teased,
filled the air with ferocious life.

Thus ended their careers,
of causing people strife.

Sally and Daniel P Floose both knew,
that they might just be plain.

A simple girl, an ordinary boy,
who timed their anger with rain.

But neither of them once,
ever took the chance,

to give up on the notion,
of a frightening romance!



The End

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