Day 293: Stuck In Time

Stuck In Time
Matt Zurbo


Ever felt like some mornings won’t end?
(Opening image. Lot’s of sky. Kids at bottom of page. One is being bullied/pushed by bigger kids.)

Like when it’s so cold you can’t feel your fingers or toes?
(Close-up of kid blowing frost, huddled.)

And all you can think is: Some time today this will be over… But that moment just won’t come!
(Standing in relief in ray of rising sun, cutting through cloud.)

You know, like when that person just talks and talks?
(Kid, hand on chin, so bored they are melting.)

Or that mosquito is in your ear, all night, in the dark?
(Kid, pulling covers over in dark. GIANT mosquito over them.)
Those moments that last forever!

And even though you’re no longer in that moment, at the time it felt like maybe, somewhere in time, you always will be?
(Other kids laughing and pointing at one kid.)

Well, it works both ways.
(Just text.)

How about that time at the beach the sun seemed to stay up in the sky forever?
(Kids playing in sand and water. Sun up high. One kid smiling, taking it all in.)

Or simply floating as if time didn’t exist.
(Other kids having fun in a waterhole, swinging off rope, etc… one kid just floating in water, arms spread wide, smiling.)

Or riding your bike, feeling so free, you think time has no end?
(Kid riding BMX, wind blowing back hair.)

Or watching the stars when you should be sleeping? Just watching…
(In swag next to campfire, huge full moon and starts.)
Those good moments, that also don’t end?

What if time really all happened at once?
(Kid standing in front of all eight planets, and gears and cogs.)

What if time was a series of moments?
(Kid kicking footy in the mud.)

Moments that repeated forever?
(Other kids, also muddy, smiling, congratulating muddy footy kid. Image is like a photo, repeated lots across the page.)

I would try to have the BEST life!
(Kid in sumo wrestling stance with Dad.)

I would try to make the BEST moments.
(Everybody dancing, huge smiles.)

I would work hard to make the BEST future!
(Kid studying.)

And hang out with you.
(Two kids. One lying in grass, drawing a comic. Other, animated, acting it out.)

A lot.
(Two kids walking side-by-side, along bush path.)

So we might be stuck in time, doing crazy things together…
(One kid in water. The other jumping off end of small jetty.)



The End

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