Day 295: Forever


Matt Zurbo

Cielo dinosaur(Let’s have fun. Imagine a peg, standing on a base, like a little pole, or coat rack, or that thing you try and throw the rope hoops over. Imagine all the pages attached to it, as if it was the spine of a book, but the pages went all the way around. That way, as you read it, the last page bumps into the first page, and the book loops, as if it has no beginning or end.)  

I keep waking up before the alarm.
(Kid, barely awake, sitting up in bed in the dark.)

Sometimes, the walk to school lasts forever. Occasionally I think I’m still out there, walking, waking, walking…

There’s one kid at lunch. He tells stories that last forever…

And jokes that are even longer!

One time, when I fell off my bike, there was that one moment, sailing through the air, that seemed to last forever!

Some bad songs last forever!

Yet the good ones go like THAT!

The desert goes forever! Just stand out there and you’ll know what I mean…

So does the ocean…

I’ve been friends with an imaginary monster forever!
(Kid and monster standing proudly either side of photo of them as babies.) 

The tales it tells me, it must have lived for all time!
(Kid watching monster fight medieval knight.) 

Often, class goes forever. It feels like when I finally get out, it will be a brave new world.

I just launched a paper plane that flew forever…
It just went and went and went…

Then, there was that time I skipped a rock forever…
So good!
I bet its skipping still.

Bullies once trapped me forever.
But that was okay…
My imaginary monster, in my imagination, ate them for all time!

I once watched a fire forever. Just stared into it until there was no such thing as time…

Some nights I just look at the stars. They go forever.

When I realise our sun is just another of a billion stars, it feels like we go forever, too.

Ever had a dream that won’t end? It just goes and goes, and goes…
(Kid, arms out, gliding through the air.) 

That’s when you hope it’s a good dream.
(Kid, falling into a mist of dreams, with bed beneath him.) 

Some nights go forever. I love the way they don’t end.
(Kid, sleeping, while his dream self acts out climbing onto a crescent moon, with man-in-the-moon.)

I keep waking up before the alarm…