Day 307: The Dairy Morning

The Dairy Morning
Matt Zurbo

(Another story without dialogue. They are fun, and encourage kids in the art of visuals and story telling.) 

Two kids half awake, Dad shining torch in his and her faces.

Both kids looking through tired, puffy eyes out window. Moon and mist over valley. Can just make out kangaroos, and a wombat.

Boy and girl rugging-up with layers of clothes, scarves, beanies, gumboots. Dad bringing them hot drinks.  

Kids and Dad on tractor in dark.

Kids standing in drizzle in dark. One holding gate open, other blowing hands for warmth as cows go through.

Kids steering cattle into dairy yard.

Kids herding in reluctant cow. Line of rusty red pre-dawn light filling the horizon.

One kid putting grain in feeders, as other opens grain shoot. More rusty red in sky, but not everywhere yet.

One kid attaching teat cups to cows, while the other is tapping the first kid on the shoulder, pointing past reader. Mum in dairy, working in background.)

Both kids on roof of dairy watching amazing sunrise.

Both kids in dairy, working teat cups, while sun rises over dairy. Amazing colours.

Kids walking down to creek with yabbie pots while behind them, Dad hoses down dairy yard. Sunrise has turned from reds and oranges, to yellows and warm greys.

Last vestiges of sunrise, mist still about, as kids stand at gates again, as cows go through, but now there is a brilliant, view of valley bellow. They are on a ridge.

Kids riding on back of tractor driven by Dad, alongside cows, dumping hey.

Kids on tractor roof watching wedge tailed eagle overhead, flying through streaks of morning light.  

Kids pulling yabbie pot out of creek. Small waterfall behind them.

Kids walking in creek back towards farm house. Girl skimming rocks.

One kid up on milk truck step, other behind the wheel, while driver attaches pumps and Dad talks to him.    

Kids gathering eggs from hens.

Kids eating breakfast with Mum and Dad, laughing, animated. Clock in background says 7.30am

Milk truck entering town.

Milk truck passing two-story house in wall-to-wall street. Kid head can be seen through window, but looking down at something in room.

City kid still in bed, puffy eyes, playing videos on his tablet. Clock behind him says 7.30

View from behind of the two country kids, school backpacks on, running and jumping as they head to the school bus stop.


The End

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