Day 308: Inside Nubie’s Head

Inside Nubie’s Head
Matt Zurbo

A rare mix of moment, dream,

and voodoo magic man,
gave little Nubie the ability,
to do what no-one can.
(Kid, tilting back, as voodoo man does voodoo dance. But voodoo man is in footy jumper and thongs, and waving a pair of bbq tongs, as well as traditional voodoo beads and chicken claws.)

He was offered the gift,
of seeing his own brain.
“Why not?” he decided.
“It beats standing in the rain.”
(Kid using jacket to shelter from the rain, walking along boardwalk, entering large version of his head via the ear)

First thing Nubie saw,
were the creatures in his ear,
turning cogs, and gramophones,
to hear both far and near.

Then, as he made his way,
through some veins and flesh,
he saw the cheeky monkeys,
who gave his mouth no rest.
(Monkeys jumping on pads, swinging from leavers, steam everywhere, that operate the mouth. One monkey on old school telephone, talking orders from the brain hotline.)

Then there were the Groofs,
on the tip of his tongue,
deciding what tasted good,
before it hit his tum.
(Noses high, snobs, spooning food from his tongue to smell and taste.)

“This is all too much!”
Nubie gasped in shock,
not ready to see his brain,
being worked like a clock.
(Kid turning his back on brain, with bouncer and velvet rope waiting at its entrance.)

His throat was kind of fun,
a big slide that did plunge,
with little food acids,
past hard working lungs.

Before Nubie hit his belly,
he said “Hello” to the Gazooks,
who kept his arms working,
even when he was pooped.
(Creatures operating the arm machinery using carnival test-your-strength game with mallet and bell at the top of a pole.)

The Funky Fluffs in his fingers,
worked well with a band.
“If they can’t make me nimble,
well, I guess not much can!”

The Clibbits pumping Nubie’s heart
worked hard – no time for fun!
Pounding out a steady beat,

that kept him on the run!

The Doopers in Nubie’s bowels
had mastered the art,
of choosing the very worst times,
to make his bottom fart!

“It’s not easy down here,”
their foreman duly noted.
“Let us have such rewards,
or find your undies bloated.”

The stomach, legs, liver,
all had Zi-gels and Hochors,
doing what they had to,
to chug along like motors.

“Time to visit the brain…”
Nubie nervously said,
scared, more than ever,
of the ideas in his head.

First he had to get by
the bouncer at the door,
who said; “Now wait a minute,
I’ve seen that face before…”
(Walrus with monocle, in a suit with no sleeves.)

Nubie looked past the rope,
at the Toblegots within,
creating, dreaming, writing ideas,
throwing others in the bin.

Saying the wrong things,
forgetting this and that,
getting him in trouble,
with their chitter chat.

Just as Nubie readied,
to give them a proper spray,
he noticed those behind him,
wanting their own say.
(Other critters in a group behind Kid, angry at the Toblegots)

“We’re so tired…!” moaned the Moobies –
who worked Nubie’s feet and toes.
“Make the Doopers give us a break!”
demanded the workers of his nose.

“Us!?” squawked the Doopers.
“What about all of them!?”
“We’re not the silly ones,
who ate a half-cooked hen!”
(Bowel creatures pointing to mouth creatures.)

Soon Subbledorks were fighting
with Yoipers and Grumpy Flops,
everybody raging, shouting –
Bing, bam, boom, crash pop!

Gazooks declared they’d strike!
Cheeky monkeys warned they’d jibber.
“I just want some peace and quiet,”
sooked a little Ka-Vibber.

As if that all was not enough,
the Toblegots started to fight,
with each other and everything,
that was in their sight.

“What a mess!” Nubie thought,
needing a break from his head,
staring through his own eye,
to see what lay ahead.
(Kid standing on rickerty platform, with even more rickerty path, looking through the inside of his giant self’s eye.)

“How embarrassing!” he noticed,
now nothing was co-ordinated.
“This explains so much!” he moaned,
as his body jerked and gyrated.

Then, “Oh, no!”, Nubie saw Sonja;
a dirty, rotten girl!
And, to make matters worse,
she put his senses in a twirl!
(Boy shocked as he looks through eye portal, as girl walking with red polka dot dress on. All the characters from his body reacting differently to each other. One dizzy, one angry, one confused, one blocking it’s ears and shutting its eyes, etc…)

His Lonkerdots sent messages,
of battle to her Bingalops!
his Toglegots, and her Zoinkidos
totally lost their plots!
(Boy and girl’s faces looking at each other while behind them, their characters are going off.)

They shouted threats and challenges,
that nobody could hear,
given off as body language;
a twitch, a grunt, a leer.

Gradually, Nubie noticed,
the girl was in her own battle –
Wall-a-oops and Quinkies,
shaking Sonja just like a rattle.
(Boy and girl opposite each other, in very awkward poses, like zombies on the move. Very small version of boy behind giant version, confused, watching.)

“Oh no!” he realised in horror,
at what was going on.
“I’m dancing with a girl!
…And having heaps of fun!?”
(Inside head. All creatures are doing crazy, happy dances, on their own, and/or with others. Boy is half doing a twist, still looking puzzled. Big eye portals behind them show the girl is also dancing.)

Neither could believe the shame,
of holding each other’s hand,
so went with it and fell in love,
as only humans can.
(Two kids walking away, holding hands, confused spirals and exclamation marks and question marks over their heads.)
The End.





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