Day 313: If I Could

If I Could
Matt Zurbo


If I could I’d plant a tree,
I’d give it some big mark,
so, each year,
I could see,
from where greatness starts.

If you ran real fast,
I’d get you a
really cute puppy,
so as the years past,
you’d understand,
what it means to be in a hurry.

Then, by the time
the puppy was old and grey,
you could win a race with it,
but simply want to stay.

If I should let a kite go,
with the simple message;
I love you,
I’d hope the sky knew,
my feelings were true.

If I was buried underground,
and met the bones down there,
I’d hope they took me,
to an underground fair.

I’d learn all they had to offer,
listen to every tale,
then share them with you,
on days we both set sale.

The history of the land,
I suspect,
would be little like we’ve read,
if it was told to us,
by the long gone dead.

If I should watch a flower,
as with dawn it slowly grew,
I’d wonder if that’s the sort of thing,
someone like you might do?

If you caught a ball,
that won the day,
would you stop in the moment,
to remember it that way?

Imagine each moment,
as a photo for your heart.
But with feelings, smells,
from which you’ll never part.

To be able to go back again,
by remembering them
once more,
would be time travel to me,
breaking physic’s laws.

Imagine if I attached
a string,
or three to the moon,
and let it puppet me happily,
all around its room…

If I could I’d whisper;
“Put me in your voice,”
to an owl
And let its call carry me,
through dark valleys,
on the prowl.

With that voice I’d touch everything,
in the glorious night,
putting shadows at ease,
giving field mice a fright.

If I could I’d show you,
how to watch the sun set
three times a day.
(Boy in trees, setting sunlight cutting through them from above. He is holding diagram of sun and boy, with three actions on it. Action 1. Boy low, sun high, line between them running over treetops. 2. Would be boy in tree, with line to sun, lower, straighter, across horizon. 3. Would be boy on hill, with line to sun downward, to sun now below horizon.)

(Boy and girl running up hill, in streaks of sunlight.)

By the third we’d be up high,
in a moment we’d want to stay.
(Boy and girl watching sun set over distant horizon.)


The End.


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