Day 315: Friend

Matt Zurbo


then BOOM, BOOM!
Be the happiest,
in the room!

Whisper, whisper…
Shout and roar!
Who’s tippy-toeing
across the floor?

Find yourself an
imaginary friend,
teach them how
to juggle and bend.

Spin your friend,
round and round!
See who’s first
to leave the ground…

Fall in a heap,
laugh a lot!
Woh, woh, woh,
spinning please stop!

Take that friend,
fly too high,
dig some tunnels,
giggle and cry.

Animal noises
are the good stuff!
Moo, moo, moo!
Quack like a duck!

First look up,
then look down!
Make them laugh,
with a frown!

Explore! Explore!
Then explore more!
Climb through windows,
barge out doors!

Gaze at stars,
let your mind roam!
Planets! Galaxies!
Far from home…

La, la, la!
Sing, sing, sing!
Warble, warble,

Get that friend,
tell them all!
Play in mud,
kick leaves that fall…

Oh, the wheel!
Who first made that?
Ride, ride, ride,
then go SPLAT!

Skateboard, bike,
pogo stick,
do what it takes
to ZOOM real quick!

Sniff, sniff, sniff,
try not to sneeze,
smelling small flowers,
and fresh rain, please.

Howl at the moon,
hope it howls back!
Do a fart,
at some bats!

Jingle, jangle,
over the hill,
around the mill!

Marvel at
the little ants…
Imagine them in
tartan pants!

Big fat yawn,
snore, snore, snore!
Hoot of owl,
from the moors.

Good night, good night,
please come again.
Do, watch, hug,
cluck like a hen!

Give, want, need,
be a mate.
Love your life,
life is great!




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